David Herd

​I'm an Australian who's first trip to Pattaya was in 1980, followed by ​another 40 visits before moving here in 2011.

I travel extensively & my hobby is writing a popular world wide travel blog.

You can follow my Pattaya travels here on LovePattayaThailand.com . For more of my Five Star Vagabond travels worldwide check out http://fivestarvagabond.com

Songkran Videos Beach Rd Pattaya - by David Herd

Songkran Videos Beach Rd Pattaya

oksana   March 16, 2016

Songkran to me is now a festival of madness and fun. What started out many years ago as a simple sprinkling of water, which was a ritual representing purification, plus the washing away of sins & bad luck, has evolved in many parts of Thailand into one huge water fight. Happiness & chaos Happiness chaos [...]

Miss Love Pattaya David Herd

Miss Love Pattaya Thailand Grand Final

James Borne   March 11, 2016

Planet Earth Beach Club was once again the venue for the grand final of Miss Love Pattaya Thailand. A final heat “dance off” was held to pick to last 2 ladies to compete in the final where B100,000 was up for grabs. The party powered on through the afternoon into the evening and the happy [...]

Virgin’s in Walking St? That’s different.

oksana   February 17, 2016

In fact there are a number of things that make this new club different to many other Walking St establishments. First of all rather than use the stairs you can ride the glass elevator from the street, which is great for old guys like myself. The 2nd thing I noticed as I entered was the [...]

Pattaya Beach Rd Webcam - by David Herd

Pattaya Beach Rd Webcam

oksana   February 17, 2016

Not a day goes by when I don’t feel I’m one of the luckiest guys on Earth, waking up to this incredible view every day is a constant reminder how wonderful life is. Just bookmark this link, and check out the Pattaya weather or Beach Road traffic any time you wish. I have many Australian [...]

My night at Taboo in Walking Street - by David Herd

My night at Taboo in Walking Street

oksana   February 15, 2016

Friends of mine suggested I visit a new Walking Street bar that recently opened in December. My first reaction was not too enthusiastic, thinking that I would be spending another night watching girls shuffle around looking bored on a circular center stage, gripping a chrome pole like their life depended on it. How wrong can [...]

i-Rovers Sports Bar and Hotel - by David Herd

i-Rovers Sports Bar and Hotel

oksana   February 12, 2016

This is one of my regular haunts during the Australian Football season, aka as AFL. Occasionally when my team the Sydney Swans are not on free to air TV I make a beeline for i-rovers. They have a huge number of TV screens, around 17 all up, but the one near the dart board is my [...]

Sexy Girls Dancing At Pool Party

oksana   February 9, 2016

Lovepattayathailand held another heat at Planet Earth in Jomtien on Sunday February 7 to pick four more girls to compete in the grand final in March 2016. There were Russian & Thai babes all shaking their booties and hoping they can win the B100,000 first prize. Naturally I took lots of photos and videos, the [...]

Fraser’s Sports bar & Restaurant

oksana   February 6, 2016

I must admit Fraser’s is one of my favourite sports bars. Being a fanatical Australian football fan (better known as AFL) I often watch my team play in this very comfortable bar in Thrappaya Rd Jomtien. The owner is well known Aussie Stewart Fraser, he originally hails from Melbourne which automatically makes him an AFL [...]