Im a 64 year old semi-retired English guy getting more action now than i ever did in my younger days!

Ive been coming to Pattaya for the last 7 years and I absolutely Love Pattaya and the lifestyle it gives me.

I look forward to sharing all my adventures with you!

Tinnies Blog by Big John

Tinnies, the best Pie Shop in Pattaya!

James Borne   March 16, 2016

As I have done so on countless occasions and without thought I ride my bike to my local bank, the beach and occasionally to a bar if I am just having a few. However one day I decided to walk and take in my surroundings. I walked past a nice bar called Country Roads, Country [...]

A visit to "The Cove Pub" by Big John

A visit to “The Cove Pub” by Big John

oksana   February 5, 2016

Hello there, Big John here blogging for I was invited by Alex Co owner of The Cove Pub to give a write up on what they are about. The Cove Pub pride themselves on  selling cask ales from all over the world. So you real ale drinkers are in for a big treat! This bar [...]

Big John's Verdict On 8 Horseshoes Tavern

Big John’s Verdict On 8 Horseshoes Tavern

oksana   January 15, 2016

Hello folks Big John here blogging for I visited the 8 Horseshoes Tavern, situated on Thrappaya Road, just going down the hill before you come into Pattaya from Jomtien. On entering this Russian restaurant I was greeted by the owner and chef Mr Mikhail IIyin, who is a really nice bloke and speaks quite [...]

Baan Dusit BBQ Battle

oksana   December 23, 2015

Hi folks this is Big John blogging for I was invited by Constantine the boss of Baan Dusit holiday resort to judge a barbecue competition, I was one of six judges. This resort is about 25 minutes away from Central Pattaya. There were ten local restaurants competing for quite a few varied awards. Now [...]

Miss Sport Point December

oksana   December 22, 2015

Hi folks this is Big John blogging for I was recently invited by Sport Point to be a judge for their December 2015 beauty contest (how sad), but someone had to do it. There was 12 fantastic looking ladies taking part and it was a hard fought contest, these girls were mainly Russians with [...]

John Halinski - How i Live in Pattaya on 65K

How I Live in Pattaya on ฿65K a month

James Borne   November 30, 2015

If you are a retiree or a pensioner like me, faced with living out the rest of your days on a modest fixed income that arrives on exactly the same day each month.

John Halinski - Pratumnak is Changing

How Pratumank Hill Has Changed!!!

James Borne   November 28, 2015

I decided to take the flavor of the month for a romantic meal earlier in the week, a friend had recently been to cabbages and condoms and had reminded me what a great restaurant it was, it was always one of my favorite places to eat but due to being mainly single a long time [...]