Visa Upon Arrival

VISA Upon Arrival FEE will soon cost 2,000 BAHT!


The last thing anybody wants after all long fight to their destination is to get held up in a long queue at the airport immigration, so, in an effort to help alleviate the problem the Thai government has come up with a solution… but it could cost you. Government spokesman Maj-Gen Sansern Keawkamnerd said, “Many tourists […]

Black LIsted Visa



From March / April 2016 a black listing is set to be put in place for over stays on your visa, as was announced by the immigration bureau chief. Under the rules that currently stand at the moment, you are only subject to a fine and would be able to enter the Kingdom of Thailand […]

Retirement in Thailand

Everything You Need to Know About the Thai Retirement Visa


Are You Thinking About a Thai Retirement? Have you ever thought about a Thai retirement? Thai you say … Isn’t that short for Thailand? Do you mean that place in Southeast Asia with fiery food, a warm climate, squiggly writing, Buddhist temples, those crazy three wheeled tuk-tuks, friendly folks, and incredibly beautiful women…You mean I […]

Retirement Visa

Frequently asked questions on Thai retirement visas & 90 day reporting


A beginner’s guide to Thai retirement visas & 90 day reporting Will I Have to Do Anything After I Receive a Thai Retirement Visa? Yes, you will. According to Thai law, every foreigner holding an O/A Non Immigrant Long Stay or retirement visa must report their current address to the closest Thai immigration office to […]

Retirement Visa

What you really need to apply for a Thai retirement visa


The complete list of documents needed to apply for a Thai retirement Visa What Documents Will I Need To Apply for a Thai Retirement Visa Inside of Thailand? When applying for a Thai retirement visa at an immigration office inside of Thailand you will need the following documents: 1. A valid passport from your native […]

6month Tourist Visa

A Six Month Multiple Entry Tourist Visa is Just Two Months Away


A new multiple entry tourist visa will be available beginning on … uh-oh, Friday the 13th this coming November. The new 6 month visa is priced at just 5,000 baht, but will permit the visa’s holder’s to remain in the Kingdom of Thailand for not more than two months! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced […]