The International House Of Pancakes Is Coming To Thailand!


American breakfast lovers rejoice!  The International House of Pancakes has stated that they are bringing their international deliciousness to Thailand! IHOP will open 10 locations in Thailand by 2021 in a franchise agreement with King of Pancakes Co. Ltd., an affiliate of King Food Group Company Limited. There is also plans to open 20 additional IHOP […]

How I Lost 46 Kilos Without Fitness Or Dieting


When I post photos from a couple of years ago on my social media feeds, I always have someone that contacts me to ask me how I dropped my weight.  I came to Thailand at 116 kilograms (255.7 lbs).  After my first 15 months of being here, I dropped 46 kilograms (101 lbs).  I did […]

Haunted Thailand – The Legend of Phi Krasue


Thailand is chocked full of ghost stories, superstition, legends and mystery.  There are many ghost tales that have surpassed the years and are still widely believed today.  One such tale is that of The Krasue. Legend has it that a young woman walks outside of her house and encounters a strange green glow hanging in the […]

How To Make Buy To Let Properties Work In Your Favor


While property investment can be a risky endeavor, long-term buy to let properties represent a potentially safe and strong investment opportunity, if chosen with consideration. We have collected some of the factors to consider before choosing a buy to let investment. Analyze The Current Market Before making a random investment, your first step should be […]

Muay Thai Grandma Proves Age Is Only A Number


Muay Thai is as ingrained in the Thai culture as it gets. It has, in the last 30 years or so, become a very popular sport worldwide thanks to legends like Changpuek Kiatsongrit (The Crazy Elephant) and others traveling around and competing in tournaments around the world. Generally the people you see doing Muay Thai […]

Team From Thailand Give Myanmar The Gift Of Sight


For the people of Mawlamyine in southeast Myanmar, cataracts are a common problem.  The struggle could take a turn for the better however, thanks to a new cataract surgery machine. 219 patients were chosen to undergo free cataract surgery out of thousands of patients who showed up to Banphaeo Hospital in Samut Sakhon.  Though only […]

Why Expats Are Buying Up Condos In Record Numbers


Private investments in Thailand next year are expected to increase drastically according to The Finance Ministry. The ministry is extremely optimistic about the future of Thailand’s economy and estimates private investments of around 400 billion baht in 2017. A private investment of this magnitude means that the Thai economy will reach the projected 4-5% growth […]

Monsters World Aquarium Pattaya – Affordable Fun For The Family


I decided to take a trip out to Monsters World Aquarium after seeing some pretty cool images online.  When it comes to these touristy animal places I am often times skeptical about the treatment and well-being of their animals. First the Con: This establishment has your typical double pricing. Thais or Farangs with a Thai […]