Jet Ski World Cup – 2015


I am not a great sports fan type – with the only exception of biathlon, which I would rather watch on TV than staying alone a snowy run route somewhere in Östersund. But I cannot help but just admit that Jet Ski World Cup which is held annually in Pattaya is an extremely exciting event […]

From Pattaya all over Thailand by bus – I love it!


I am really fond of travelling overland in Thailand. I guess if you have travelled by bus in Laos, Vietnam or Sri Lanka, you share my delight, do you not? Of course, you have a greater choice of buses and destinations if you start from Bangkok, but Pattaya have great direct bus connections with major […]

My Personal Must-See of December: Glorious of Ayutthaya Fair - by Victoria Okninskaya

My Personal Must-See of December: Glorious of Ayutthaya Fair


After having lived in Pattaya for almost seven years I clearly understand that the overwhelming majority of expats do not travel further than Koh Larn – or, more true to life, than Ban Amphur Beach. But I frankly do not see any reason not to visit Ayutthaya during the 10 days of December, from 18th […]

Khao Chi Chan can make you wish come true, really!

Khao Chi Chan can make your wish come true!


I am sure you have been to or at least heard of Khao Chi Chan, a mountain in Eastern Pattaya with a giant golden Buddha image which has been engraved to its side. Dotting the environs are temples and other buildings of Wat Yan complex, colourful Chinese-style Viharn Sien and modest Phra Mondop commanding the […]

One hot latte and the best view, please! - by Victoria Okninskaya

One hot latte and the best view, please!


Think that the best view in Pattaya, decent coffee and affordable prices do not come together? Then you have never visited Coffee Break Cafe in Pattaya View Point Hill, have you? This simple, no-frills venue occupies arguably the most sought after location in the whole city. Perched between the two viewpoints in Pratamnak – the […]

Yen ta fo: your fancy bowl of noodles! - by Victoria Okninskaya

Yen ta fo: your fancy bowl of noodles!


Tired of your usual boring chicken noodles but yet cannot live without noodles? Then it is high time to try something different. Order yen ta fo! Yen ta fo is a real gem in the realm of Thai soups: it has noodles, it contains a great variety of ingredients, it looks cool. A definite must-try! […]

Some Christmas fortune telling, anyone?

Some Christmas fortune telling, anyone?


Christmas and New Year are the right time to find out what the oncoming year will bring to you. And I know where to go for some fortune telling. The Thais are really fond of any form of fortune telling. I often see magicians reading your fate by the lines of your palm in the […]

Fish - by Victoria Okninskaya

Fish day


Today is my fish day. Since I discovered pla phao (ปลาเผา), grilled fish in salt, I have never had any doubts on how I would like my fish done. Normally there are two kinds of fish cooked this way – pla nin (ปลานิล) and pla taptim (ปลาทับทิม). These are Nile tilapias, the first one is […]