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Pattaya Nightclubs

Pattaya Nightclubs

Not only are we blessed with some great Agogo bars on Walking Street but we also have an abundance of Nightclubs and discos now.

A couple of new nightclubs & discos have opened their doors in recent years so take a look at whats new for Pattaya Nightclubs 2014.

Check out Pattaya Nightclubs & Discotheques here…PATTAYA NIGHTLCLUBS

Years ago you only had a few options in regards to choosing a Pattaya nightclubs to finish the night off with but now there are over 10 top class nightclubs in Walking street which include 808Candy ShopClub Insomnia, LimaLima Club, Lucifer 2.0, Marine Disco, MIXX Nightlife Disco, Star Dice, The Pier, Tony’s Disco & Entertainment Complex and Walking Street Club.

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The latest clubs to open there doors on Walking Street are Fever Disco and XO Club….

Get on your dancing shoes! It time to take you on a guide through the many nightclubs and discotheques in Pattaya!

There are Pattaya Nightclubs to suite all needs, whether you’re a Technophile or a straight up Basshead there is something out there for you. If you want to go to clubs where the locals go, we do that too!

Come and join the straight-through-crew and welcome to Pattayas party scene!

Scroll down for our list of the biggest and best clubs in Pattaya.

Pattaya Nightclub Videos

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