The Greater Pattaya city area receives and estimated 5million+ tourists each year making it one of the most popular beach-resort destinations in Thailand.

It seems nowadays, Pattaya Tourist Attractions are becoming more and more popular with the many Pattaya’s families on vacation here and it seems Pattaya City could be cleaning up its act a bit!

Back in the Day!

In the past, Pattaya was mainly known as a sleazy town where men and women come from all over the world to sample its carnal delights, earning it the reputation as ‘the most un-family friendly place on earth’.

Family Friendly

Over the past decade or so, Pattaya’s local authorities have be making every effort to improve the quality of the beaches, cleanliness of the streets and have been pumping funds into family friendly Pattaya attractions in order to attract the lucrative family market, thus making Pattaya a more family friendly holiday destination.

This initiative has most definitely paid off. LOVEPATTAYA has seen the number of families vacationing in the so called “city of sin” rising year on year, indicating that the change is happening and the efforts made by the local officials has paid off.

With a massive influx of family’s visiting Pattaya each year the entertainment and tourism industry continues to grow. Pattaya now boasts a huge array of cabaret shows, elephant villages, museums, temples, water parks and so much more!

Get Stuck in!

Below, you will see many of Pattaya’s hidden gems, along with the most popular tourist attractions in Pattaya.

Some of these destinations may require you to take a short journey in a car, bus or mini bus taxi so we have included maps and transport information for all of our recommendations.

If you have any questions or just need some advice then please contact us. LOVEPATTAYA always looks forward to reading your mail.