Pattaya is not just a city full of fun and entertainment. No – Pattaya has so much more to offer those who run small businesses or those of us who simply want some printing work completed.

Poster printing, embroidery services, T-Shirt printing or even suppliers of beer condoms can all be found in Pattaya.

Often when a business is seeking to expand or promote itself, it can become a headache and indeed – stressful.

Printer shops for instance can be found everywhere. From photocopiers at the corner shop to professional, experienced and highly trained people. But where do you go and how do you select the right business for the task in hand?

Here are some guidelines for those seeking assistance:

1. Always ask to see samples of their work. A good printers, will have examples they can show the customer. Don’t rely on images shown on the web, go in and speak to the staff and peruse what they have to offer.

2. Is you requirement personal or are you seeking a business that can produce thousands of leaflets of posters? Again ask the question. The company should be able to quote you instantly if they have experience in large production runs. Or maybe you only require something simplistic, so a small shop can easily meet your demand. Shop for your requirements to save money.

3. Do you require a design? Ask the supplier if they have graphic designers or maybe you can select designs from their existing brochures.

4. Some smaller establishments may not be able to meet your requirements, if you want large banners or magazines printed for example. However they may be ideal for poster prints or running off a few T-Shirts for parties or staff.

5. If your order is substantial and important to your business, don’t take the first offer or quote you receive. Shop around and compare quotes and what is on offer from individual shops and choose the right one for the job in hand.

6. If you require specialised high quality signs and brochures, you will almost certainly require personalised materials; something that will make your business stand out from the crowd. Look for a printers with experience in creative design works or large format signage. Another important item is business letter heads or personalised receipts for your customers. Ask the supplier what they can offer.

7. Embroidery services is another specialised offering that should be researched before jumping in at the deep end. Once again, ask to see samples of their work. Give a full explanation of what you require, so as to avoid disappointment with the end product.

At Love Pattaya our goal is to assist you, helping you find the supplier that meets your requirements.


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