Now there is a popular myth that foreigners cannot get work in Thailand, this simply isn’t true there’s an abundance of jobs for foreigners in the thriving Thai economy.

Over the last few years more 20-30 year olds have relocated to Thailand mostly after having a taste of how great the country is after a short holiday.

Here’s a list of potential jobs that could keep you permanently residing in the land of smiles.

  • Become a teacher.

This is a fairly obvious option. There’s always teaching positions available and pay can range from 30-35 thousand baht a month for a state school to anything up to 80,000 per month in the private schools depending on someone’s experience.

Extra money could also be earnt in the evenings and weekends giving private tuition to help pay the bills.

  • Diving Instructor

Continuing the theme of teaching if you’re a qualified PADI diving instructor you could find work in tourist diving hotspots such as Krabi or Phi-Phi.

Pay can range from around 30-40 thousand baht a month and you’ll get to spend your days by the beach what could be better.

10 Job roles for Foreigners looking for work in Thailand.

  • Real Estate Agent

The condo market has absolutely taken off in Thailand and as a result firms are looking for foreign nationals to fill various roles from overseeing development projects to selling real estate. So if you have sales experience the real estate market might be the place for you.

  • Freelance writing

If you have a talent for penmanship then becoming a freelance writer might be the way to go. With many businesses looking for articles and advertisement those talented enough will be able to make a living of their ability to put pen to paper.

  • Work for an International company.

It’s not only the condo market that’s booming in Thailand, more and more international companies are setting up operations all over the country. So get a CV knocked up and start submitting it to the companies who knows one might take a liking to you.

  • Jobs at an Embassy or the UN

Jobs do come up with the foreign embassy and the United Nations though qualifications for these jobs are often a bit tougher than the average best to check their websites before sending in an application.

  • Movie/modelling work

Like any country Thailand makes movies and requires models so if you fancy yourself as a bit of an actor or think you have the look an agent would want why not give it a go. Pay can vary and be sporadic as is common in this sort of profession and money will obviously vary depending on the gig.

  • Aid Workers

There are various aid projects that take on workers and while the pay probably won’t be great and the work probably not particularly glamorous it might still keep you here.

10 Job roles for Foreigners looking for work in Thailand.

  • Manage a Bar, hotel or restaurant

This will no doubt appeal to a lot of people, the thought of managing a bar is something most men have day dreamed about at some stage in their life. If you have experience in the trade it might be the way to go as many bars and restaurants look for an English speaking manager. High-end hotels often fill high level management positions with foreign nationals also.

  • Open your own Business

If you have a flair for business why not start your own venture. The country is going from strength to strength so why not grab your own slice of the action. With relatively low living expenses and rates it is the ideal place to start a business as the first couple of years for a new business are normally the most financially straining.

The list of job possibilities goes on there certainly is opportunity for anyone willing to work hard enough to start a new life in Thailand.

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  1. Justin

    Hi i have worked in warehousing for many years in the food industry. I’m planning on coming to thailand for 6 months with the view of staying if i can find work. Do you know if i have anychance of finding work in thailand?

    Many thanks

  2. Philip child

    What about jobs in the hospital sector ? I am a radiographer who is lucky enough to visit Thailand every 3 months so would be great to work here.

  3. Jay

    Good read. Would be very helpful if you provided a follow up to this article related to the new business startup process in TH.

  4. Alan holding

    Looking for any type of work aid work not a problem. Plus would be nice to see my Thai gf and baby more often.

  5. Christian du Preez

    Good day. I would like to work in Thailand. Prepared to do anything.

  6. Harald Rottingen

    A teacher job would be interesting

  7. Madhu Rao

    Good day. I would like to work in Thailand. Prepared to do anything.

  8. Madhu Etikala

    Would like to work as manager in Bars and Clubs.

  9. Dougie McLeod

    Any technical jobs in the railway industry

  10. Urban Legend Leather

    Teaching sounds like a good option

  11. Lijesh

    I would like to work as a chef, now I’m at Thailand

  12. christos manikas

    hallo. what kind of my own Business can i start there? i am 42 yold and i did visit pattaya 5 times so far. i love the people, i love the place and i always dream open my own job there. what kind of job you think missing from pattaya city? thank u ,