10 Ladyboy Bars in Pattaya

There is one group that always attractions a lot of attention for both good and bad reasons and that is the transgender or “ladyboy” community. Pattaya is one of the places in Thailand that has a large ladyboy scene and they can be seen performing at family-friendly cabarets such as Tiffany’s or working in adult-themed beer-bars. You will quite literally find ladyboys everywhere in Pattaya from supermarkets to garages to working in red-light districts and you will also find them in bars where the majority of staff are female.

In Pattaya, there are certain sois that are commonly associated with ladyboys such as Soi 6/1 and Soi 13/1 as well as a certain stretch on Soi Buakhao near LK Metro. If you are looking for or looking to avoid the ladyboys, our list below will give you a clue as to where the most popular haunts are for ladyboys and those who have a fondness for them.

Lita Bar

Lita Bar can be found in Soi BJ off Walking Street and is one of the best known ladyboy bars in Pattaya. It is quite small, the ‘ladies’ are a little less forceful than they are in other bars but it is still well regarded in ladyboy circles. The bar is very well run and has a pool table crammed in which seems to help break the ice as one of the ladyboys walks past! The is a discreet venue which is probably one of the reasons why it is so popular.

Sensations Bar

The bar opened back in 2012 and has fast become one of the most popular bars of its kind in Pattaya. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff tend to be better looking and more sophisticated than the ladyboys in other bars. The bar was made famous when it appeared in a Sky documentary about ladyboys in which owner Scott and girlfriend Paeng talked openly about the scene. This is not a bar that you can hide away in as it is located on the corner of a busy street (Action Street) so if you are hoping to avoid being seen, this may be a place to avoid.

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Pook Swan House

Pooks Bar has been famous for years and indeed it seems that everyone in Pattaya knows where it is. The reason for that is because the ‘girls’ are outrageously dressed and certainly keen to flaunt their thing. It is now a guesthouse, beer bar and agogo having been renovated a couple of years ago. The girls dance almost on the street which, as you imagine means that it is far from discreet. Overall, it is a friendly and lively place and you won’t be short of company as soon as you walk in.

Stringfellows Agogo

Stringfellows can be found on Soi Yamoto (Soi 13/1) and is a small but ‘friendly’ agogo. It is very popular and has been in business a long time. The staff can be quite intimidating and very forward so this is probably not the ideal venue for newbies. It is one that is better left to those who are comfortable with ladyboys or have a good sense of humour.


My Way Beer Bar

This is quite an easy bar to miss as it is small and looks just like any other bar on Walking Street. It is often mistakenly called Hot Tuna which is the bar next door and known for playing live rock music. This is another bar that is well regarded on the ladyboy scene and can get very lively in the early hours when the girls have had a little more to drink. It is far from discreet but regarded as the best ladyboy bar on Walking Street which is quite a compliment when it competes against the likes of Linda Bar and Marine Disco.


La Bamba Bar and Guesthouse

Another one of the old school ladyboy bars that seems to have been around years. It is another of the bars that are found on Soi Yamoto and has something of a more upmarket and classy feel. The atmosphere is relaxed and owner Nok, a well-respected ladyboy, runs a tight ship. The music is relatively soft as is the lightning. You can relax and comfortably talk in comfy chairs as the music isn’t too loud.

Pook Bar and Agogo

Pooks Bar and Agogo is located in Soi 6 and perhaps not surprisingly is the sister bar of Pooks Bar mentioned in #3. This is a VERY open bar with no front or side walls so you really don’t have anywhere to hide. This coupled with the fact that the girls are far from discreet means that this is not for the faint hearted. The atmosphere can be quite intense but the bar is well known for staging great parties and usually has upwards of 30 staff working. It also has 3 pool tables and four televisions that can become quite a useful distraction when it all gets too much.

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Baby Boom Agogo

Baby Boom is located down a small side street of Soi Buakhao close to Soi Xcite. It is a small agogo but relaxed, friendly and fun. The owner is very accommodating and happy to change the music or arrange parties at short notice. Thanks to its discreet location, this is one for those who are perhaps new to the ladyboy scene and want something a little bit more secretive.

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The House and Love Time Inn

The bar only opened in 2013 and is predominantly associated with house music scene. The French owner clearly enjoys what he does and the guesthouse which is located above the bar or has a dedicated entrance can add to the bar’s appeal. Although it is one of the smallest ladyboy bars in Pattaya it is still a good place to hold a party and the girls are always friendly. It can be found on Soi Yamoto like many of the other bars of a similar ilk.

Pattaya Obsessions

Obsessions is connected to the lady bar called Kitten Club on Soi Pattaya Funland (Soi 13/4). The bars have two separate entrances but are actually the same bar with a distinction being made by colour-coded bikinis. Inside you will find chrome poles and jacuzzi. Unfortunately, the staff can be a little on the pushy side and the drinks are a bit pricey.


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