Full Moon parties are happening all throughout Thailand every month.  The most notorious of all Full Moon parties is on Koh Phangan Island.  The party started in the 80’s and hasn’t stopped yet.

As with every wild party anywhere, Thailand’s Full Moon parties can get….intense.  We have put together some helpful tips and tricks that will help you enjoy and survive your next Full Moon party.

#1:  Plan out your itinerary in advance as when the time approaches for the Full Moon festival, hotels are booked in full and turning on the No Vacancy signs.  For accommodation while staying in Thailand, book at least a week in advance.

#2:  Leave your valuables in your hotel room safe.  There are dozens of stories after each Full Moon party about the lost items of inebriated partygoers.  To not end up as a story or statistic, it is always recommended to leave your valuables locked up back at the room.

#3: This is Thailand; drugs are not legal in Thailand.  While that statement alone should be enough to prevent most drug related cases from happening, the fact is that it doesn’t deter all individuals who come to Pattaya ready to party.  While some drugs like Marijuana will more than likely just have a fine associated to the possession of minute amounts, others could land you in the pen for life.

#4:  The beach is beautiful, except on Full Moon party nights.  It is recommended that swimmers stay out of the water on the night of the Full Moon.  This is not due to superstition, but because common sense says that alcohol (and/or mushroom shakes) and swimming do not mix together very well; that and, the ocean is used by many instead of hunting down a 10 baht bathroom.

#5:  Drinking is important, and we aren’t talking about more alcohol.  The party gets wild, really wild; therefore you should be drinking enough water to replace what you are sweating out in Thailand’s hellish heat.  Water is life, and without it, you will die, or go down in an embarrassing heap with heat exhaustion.

In conclusion, all tourists should experience at least one Full Moon party.  The learned tourist, that has read this article and follows the above advice will have a much more enjoyable Full Moon experience overall and will survive until the sun comes up the next morning.  If you get a chance to participate in a Full Moon party in Thailand, jump on it, you won’t be sorry!

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