5 Best Things To Do In Naklua

The Naklua area is located to the North of Pattaya is a quiet residential area, home to many of the local expats. Here you will find some of the attractions most commonly associated with Pattaya such as the Sanctuary of Truth. Pretty much all of the attractions are family-friendly and many offer stark contrasts to each other from places of meditation to aggressive animals. This is a place that is very different to downtown Pattaya.

1. Sanctuary of Truth

When you think of iconic structures in Pattaya you would be hard pressed to find anything more iconic than the Sanctuary of Truth which stands 105 metres high and is made completely from hand-carved teak wood. Situated at the end of Naklua Soi 12, this is a unique structure that was commissioned by a private individual as a symbol of art, culture and philosophy without having any connection to religion.

The impressive carvings include animals, people and deities from mythology and pay tribute to “Ancient Knowledge and Eastern Philosophy”. The carvings are to be found both internally and externally and are not chemically treated in any way so occasionally succumb to the elements. Although the structure appears to be centuries old, construction only began in 1981 with completion due in 2050 although, in reality, it is likely to be an ongoing project.

Inside you will find a small selection of stalls, some shows and the chance for ATV riding and rifle shooting. Admission is THB500 for adults and THB250 for children. The Sanctuary of Truth is open daily from 8am until 6.00pm.

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2. Pattaya Boxing World

Next to Mini Siam you will find Pattaya Boxing World where the art of Muay Thai Boxing is practiced. There are daily cultural shows explaining the history of the martial art, the techniques and what is expected culturally from fighters. There are live bouts at least once a week and these form part of the Muay Thai World Championship so are far from ‘just a bit of fun’. This is genuine boxing practiced by world-class athletes coming from all around Thailand and the rest of the world. The atmosphere is electric and really captures the feel of traditional Thai boxing in modern surroundings.

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3. Pattaya Sheep Farm

The is very much a hands on zoo where you will find not only sheep but deer, rabbits, alpacas plus many more animals from around the world. The smaller animals are there for petting purposes and of course the opportunity to take a few selfies with a furry friend. The larger animals such as ponies can be ridden and there a few small fairground style rides for young children. There is a superb restaurant which rather perversely serves lamb chop! Entrance is THB50 for adults and free for children under 110cm.

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4.Mini Siam

Have you ever wanted to travel around the world? Well, at Mini Siam you can do that is around 90 minutes! Here you will find replicas of some of the most famous sites in the world such as the Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower. All the models are 1:25 in size so you get a very real sense of proportion. The area was founded in 1985 and is 46,400sqm in size and was initially a research project. In addition to the models, you will find stunning gardens that are adorned with water features.
The area is split in two sides. The first is devoted to Thailand where you will find you can visit the ancient Kingdoms of Lanna, Sukhothai and Ayutthaya. You can also see the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Bridge over the River Kwai along with modern structures such as Bangkok’s Rama IX Bridge.

Entry is THB250 for adults and THB120 for children. Thai rates do apply and foreigners can gain discounts with a valid work permit of Thai driving license.

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5. Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm

Here you will find some rather strange rock formations, fossilised trees and a genuine crocodile farm. Situated on 70 acres of land, close to the highway 7, the park first opened its door to the public in 1992. Around half of the park’s area is made up unusual natural objects that are well laid out and relaxing to walk around. You can wander around as quickly or slowly as you want and there are many photo opportunities along the way. One thing that is missing is any signage explaining what the formations are.

The second half of the park is a crocodile farm that should not be mistaken for a zoo. The animals a bred for food and you will indeed find them being served up in the main restaurant. You can try crocodile steak, omelette with crocodile and spare ribs from, yes you’ve guessed it, crocodile. The animals are well looked after but seeing the animals alive and then eaten is something that many foreigners, especially those from the west, find quite disconcerting.

Entrance for Thais and expats is THB100 whilst tourists are charged THB400. All children under 90cm tall are admitted free of charge whilst children of tourists who are between 90-120cm tall are charged THB200.

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