5 Go-Go Bars in Pattaya

You won’t have had to have spent much time on Walking Street after dark to realise that it is a 500 metre area that is filled with dancing girls, chrome poles and is undoubtedly home to Pattaya’s famous nightlife. You don’t even have to enter most of the agogo bars to see the girls, many of whom are sat outside beckoning in passers by in for a drink and to watch them dance. Although some bars open in the afternoon, most don’t really get going until around 8pm and continue long into the night. The street is packed with tourists until the small hours.

The go-go bars in Pattaya come in many different guises although most carry the same basic features such as a bar, central stage with chrome poles and seating that faces the main stage. The dancers will perform for a few songs before being replaced by a new wave an then go to mix with the clientele in the hope of being bought drinks or something more. Most are usually quite happy to chat and many in the more upmarket bars speaking reasonably good English but will have friends on hand to assist them if they are struggling.

Our list includes some of the best go-go bars on Walking Street although there are some excellent alternatives on LK Metro.

1. What’s Up A-Go-Go

It may be expensive and we all know that you get what you pay for which is probably one of the main reasons why it still remains so popular. It seems to find the perfect blend between good looking, friendly girls, quality shows and great music along with a well planned layout and this ensures that the place remains packed even in the low season.

Found on Soi 15, it is just past Angelwitch and is almost impossible to miss thanks mainly to white frontage and a large question mark that stands out in a relatively dark area. As usual, there will be girls waiting outside although it is not as prevalent as outside some of the other bars.

As you enter What’s Up A-Go-Go you will once again be greeted by the white design and mirrors. As we said, the prices are on the high side with local beers and soft drinks starting at THB185, spirits THB215 and lady drink are a whopping THB250. The design is slightly different to other agogos with 3 or 4 smaller stages rather than one large stage. The music is quieter than many of their counterparts making conversation far easier although the girls can be a little on the pushy side when it comes to drinks and bar fines.

This one of the older clubs in Pattaya but has always managed to maintain an excellent reputation and continues to be one of the most popular in the city.

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2. Baccara Agogo

Located on Walking Street itself, Baccara is another of the extremely popular go-go bars in Pattaya and is the sister bar of the go-go in Bangkok of the same name. Probably the bar is best known for its glass ceiling where you will get a good view of the girls dancing upstairs. There is plenty of seating and you will get excellent views wherever you are located. The drinks prices are fairly average for Walking Street but they do have happy hours on draft beers.

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3. Windmill Agogo

Windmill Agogo is located on Soi Diamond just off Walking Street and is widely regarded as one of the naughtiest go-go bars in the area. This is not one for the faint-hearted as the girls are definitely friendly not to mention adventurous and will more than happily include you in their fun – whether you like it or not! There are usually between 40 to 50 girls working at any one time and the majority are very good looking. You need to be open-minded if you visit this agogo and this is probably one of the reasons that it consistently remains one of the most popular venues in the city.

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4. Airport Club

Airport Club is one of the smaller go-go’s on Walking Street but it still manages the cram a lot in. They have an abundance of good looking girls who are more than happy to talk with you in exchange for a drink. It can get a little overcrowded to the stage of being uncomfortable although there is usually more room towards the back, near the bar area.

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5. Iron Club

Iron Club has been around for quite a while now and manages to maintain its status as being one of the best in the city. The interactive shows and the close proximity of the dancers give it something different to their competitors and this is definitely appreciated by the punters.

It is one of the larger agogos in the area although because it is quite narrow its appearance can be quite deceiving. You will find that it is usually busy and this creates a great atmosphere and attracts some of the better looking girls as they can be confident that they will be bought plenty of drinks and entertained for the evening. The seating is comfortable and this makes it a fantastic place to watch the talented if rather risqué dancers in action. If you visit here, you certainly won’t leave disappointed!

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