9 Best Nightclubs in Pattaya

It would be very hard to argue that Pattaya isn’t a party destination and a big part of this is down to the nightclubs. There are various venues all around the city but arguably the best ones are all found on or around Walking Street. Walking Street has rightly earned the right as being the epicentre of the city’s wild nights and the place where party animals love to flock to and this is hasn’t altered for decades.

Many of the clubs on Walking Street boast cutting edge sound and lighting systems meaning that they can attract some of the top DJ’s from other parts of Asia and Europe. You can find almost any type of music being played in Walking Street but the clubs all prefer house, EDM, trance, hip-hop and R&B. Some of the larger venues have different rooms playing different genres. The main focus of all the nightclubs in Pattaya is the music and having a good time but that being said, several places do have coyote dancers. It should be understood that the nightclubs in Pattaya are very different from the go-go bars and beer bars that you will find close by.

1. Mixx Discotheque Pattaya

Located at the Bali Hai end of Walking Street, Mixx Discotheque is assumed to be the most glitzy and glamourous of all the clubs in Pattaya. It has 900sqm of floor face, most of which is filled with revellers as this is a very popular venue. Mixx is divided into two rooms, the Rouge Club that plays hip-hop and R&B and has a more stylish and upmarket feel and the second room, the Crystal Palace, is described as modern and funky playing house and trance music. It has a vibrant and lively atmosphere and tends to attract a younger crowd with international DJs regularly pumping out the tunes. Mixx opens at 9pm and continues long into the early hours.

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2. The Pier Disco Club Pattaya

Like many of the venues on Walking Street, The Pier is a high-class venue with state-of-the-art technology including an LED screen, the latest sound system, laser lights and smoke machines. It is a multi-level venue that has a chic and modern interior that attracts hi-so Thais and young, wealthy tourists. The club regularly features some of the best local and international DJs playing dance and trance music. The venue is always packed opening at 7.30pm and like most of the clubs in the area keeps going throughout the majority of the night.

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3. Lucifer Disko TK

Lucifer is one of the older venues in Pattaya but is still one of the better and more popular places on Walking Street especially with hip-hop fans. Similar to Mixx, Lucifer is split into two areas, although both have a hell theme and designed to look like a cavern. The main inside area hosts some excellent bands with some of the largest speakers that you will see anywhere in the world. The outer area is more like a regular bar and has a very relaxed feel about it. It is one of the smaller nightclubs on Walking Street and is usually pretty much full by 11pm. It opens at 8pm and continues until late and can be found opposite Soi Diamond.

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4. Candy Shop

Another of the popular, well-established venues in Pattaya, Candy Shop has almost a beach bar vibe with palm trees, fountains and big soft chairs that you can simply sink into. Inside you will find a small but busy dance floor where the patrons will be dancing away to the group playing hip-hop beats and a large, long bar in the centre of the property. The place gets very busy but if you move away from the stage area you will find it a little less cramped and there is even room for two pool tables. The venue is popular with Thais and opens at 8pm and is fairly centrally located on Walking Street.

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5. Marine Disco

Marine Disco is the longest running nightclub in Pattaya and has been attracting tourists and locals alike for decades. Over the years it has undergone some fairly serious refurbishment that has allowed it to move with the times and remain very popular. LED screens along with modern lighting and sound systems hide the venue’s age. You will find Marine close to Walking Street’s famous tree and the sounds being played are house and EDM music. The place tends to start filling up about 1am although it does open at 9pm. This nightclub is frequented by many of the local ladyboys so this is something that you should aware of.

9 Best Nightclubs in Pattaya

6. Gulliver’s Walking Street

Gulliver’s Walking Street is pretty much the first bar that you come to on the left hand side of Walking Street as you enter from Beach Road. It is easily recognisable by it’s London Underground style signs and the red Cadillac hanging from a wall in the narrow entrance way. Not surprisingly, the pub is more commonly referred to as the “Red Car Bar” rather than its real name.

Inside you will find the place has a very English pub style theme with booths and a central bar area. You will also find a pool table and a very small dance floor at the far end that has a DJ stand where a local DJ will play an array of hip-hop and R&B music. Gulliver’s opens at 8pm and remains alive until late.

7. Club Insomnia Pattaya

One of the best known nightclubs in Pattaya, Club Insomnia is located above the ever popular iBar. Inside you will find stylish décor, state-of-the-art music and lighting systems with a large, busy dance area where you will find stages filled with coyote girls. The place gets absolutely packed after midnight especially towards the end of the week and at weekends. There are a number of theme nights throughout the year and the music is usually played by the resident DJs with occasional international stars. The music is an eclectic mix of R&B, hip-hop, house and EDM with the drinks prices being cheaper than some of the competitors. The venue opens at 11pm and is a haven for locals and tourists alike.

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8. Lima Lima

Lima Lima is located directly below Mixx and not surprisingly has many things in common with its better known neighbour. Describing itself as a modern, trendy venue it is once again divided into two rooms. One room plays hip-hop and R&B and the other, dance, trance and EDM. Lima Lima attracts some of the biggest names including Boy George and Fredde Le Grand and is very popular with tourists. Open from 10pm until late.

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9. 808 Nightclub Pattaya

808 can be found above Candy Shop is has had a small fortune spent on it making it the most stylish and innovative of all the nightclubs in Pattaya. It has lots of tiered areas and a very brightly lit bar area. The fact that there are separate areas is great if you are going with a group of friends as you can remove yourself from masses to a certain extent around your own table. The downside is that the dance area is quite limited but you can still enjoy the EDM, and house classics. 808 opens at 8pm and closes at 2am.

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