A day trip to Koh Larn that won’t break the bank

Pattaya really is an amazing city, the best on earth in our opinion and it only keeps getting better there is some much to do here for people of all ages so today we thought we would talk about Koh Larn an beautiful little island just off the coast of Pattaya and how you can have a day trip over there to swim in crystal clear waters and relax on one of the islands sandy beaches without breaking the bank.

Now for many readers you will be here on holiday on a budget and while everyone’s budget will be different this is a guide on how to have a day trip for not a lot of money at all.

Ok so first a little background on Koh Larn as we have said it is located just off the coast of Pattaya 11.1 kilometres to be exact and the island offers six main beaches along with several other smaller more secluded spots. The main village Naban Port is home to a variety of hotels, restaurants and shops and transportation to the various beaches is available from there.

A day trip to Koh Larn that won’t break the bank

Right so a trip from Pattaya that won’t leave your wallet empty here’s what we recommend.

First things first a little planning will save you a lot of money head to one of the many bottle shops located around Pattaya and pick up a disposable drinks cooler there widely available and on sale for around 100 baht.

Once you have picked one up head over to Bali Hai Pier its located just past Walking Street, this is where the ferry departs and will be your mode of transportation, times can be found online but as a general rule they tend to leave on the hour and all you need to do is walk to the end of the pier, you want to make sure you get the ferry to Na Baan Pier this will set you back 30 baht per person. A little tip try to avoid the lower deck at the back of the boat the noise from the engine can get a little loud. The journey itself can vary from trip to trip but depending on the number of passengers and sea conditions a trip can vary anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.

A day trip to Koh Larn that won’t break the bank      A day trip to Koh Larn that won’t break the bank

Ok so once you have arrived and are in Na baan Port head to one of the many convenience stores and stock up that cool box you previously brought in Pattaya with whatever refreshments you might require for the day ahead. Ice is available at 10 baht a bag and buying a couple of bottle of water to mix in with a few bags of ice in your cool box will help keep your beverages cold all day long. Once you have stocked up on supplies follow the signs to the baht bus rank and chose your beach. As we earlier said there are six main beaches on the island which are Na Baan, Tonglangm Twaen Beach, Tien Beach, Samae Beach and Naul Beach also known as monkey beach and where we would recommend going to.

A day trip to Koh Larn that won’t break the bank

Once you have chosen your beach for arguments sake let’s say you picked Naul Beach jump in the baht bus destined for said beach which will take you there for 30 baht per person and after a short ten minute drive you will have reached your destination. That means the total cost of traveling to the scenic beach has set you back a whopping 60 baht (£1.35) per person.

Now we recommend Naul Beach for several reasons one being it tends not to get as busy as some of the other beaches on the island and also there are modern facilities such as toilets and showers as well as a restaurant and as the name suggests monkeys.

A day trip to Koh Larn that won’t break the bank

Ok so once there you will need somewhere to set up camp for your relaxing day in the sun and there are many sunbeds on offer from various beach vendors which you can rent for the day for 100 baht (£2.25) but if you prefer you can just stretch out on a towel on the beach.

Now you’re all set for a relaxing day topping up that suntan and swimming in the clear blue water all the while not having to buy drinks from vendors as due to the hot climate throughout the day a fairly sizable bill can be rung up on refreshments but as you planned ahead this needn’t be the case. Again taking your own food will also save money or it can be purchased from vendors or the restaurant, it all depends on your individual budgets.

As the name suggests you can often spot Macaques living in the trees towards the far end of the beach which often proves a big hit for visitors.

A day trip to Koh Larn that won’t break the bank

Once you have had your fill of Sun, sand, sea and fun you have two options on returning to the mainland now depending on your numbers and budget you can take a baht bus back to  Na Baan and catch the ferry back which will again set you back 60 baht per person or if you wait until the end of the day around five or six o’clock time you will be asked if you want to jump in a communal speed boat which after a bit of haggling should only set you back 200 baht per person and will return you to Bali Hai pier where you departed from. In our opinion the extra 140 baht is well worth it for a trip in a speed boat which saves you about an hour as it only takes about 15 minutes depending on sea conditions but it depends on your individual budgets.

A day trip to Koh Larn that won’t break the bank     A day trip to Koh Larn that won’t break the bank

So there you have it people a day trip to a picturesque island which needn’t cause a heavy strain on the wallet and really is a lovely day out for families or couples where if you take the cheapest option transport to and from the island will only set you back 120 baht (£2.70) per person and with a sun bed drinks cooler and beverages thrown in lets conservatively estimate an expense of 500 baht all together means that a day at the island will set you back 620 baht (£14.) Like we said it doesn’t have to break the bank to spend time on a tropical island paradise, something to consider for your next trip to Pattaya.

We hope this has been of interest and whatever you decide we hope you enjoy your time in Pattaya.

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