If I run out of ideas on where to go during the weekend, I head to Greta Farm where I can have two hours of guaranteed fun for my daughter and, well, some piece and tasty yam, larp or kuai tiaw for myself.

Located in Soi Wat Yan, on your right some 200m after you cross the railway, Greta Farm is a large, green and well maintained space.

A Sunday Stroll at Greta Farm

First of all, there is a small and tidy contact zoo with fluffy rabbits, ever hungry goats, friendly sheep, horses, cows, ducks and more.

For THB20 you can feed them with carrots or just accommodate yourself comfortably on the bench somewhere in the shadow and watch your kids feeding the animals or colourful koi fish which are plentiful in a pond next to the restaurant.

A Sunday Stroll at Greta Farm

A Sunday Stroll at Greta Farm
There are bicycles for hire for the enthusiasts of all ages, a rope course for schoolchildren, a bow shooting range, a trampoline and a small playground – all at a very reasonable price. There is a tennis court and even some bungalows – wish you stay longer than – mmm – a couple of hours.

A Sunday Stroll at Greta Farm

Well, and now the part which I personally enjoy most. The restaurant in the centre of the farm is a perfect place for a Sunday lunch. They offer creatively presented Thai and some Western dishes served in a bright air-conditioned room or outdoors.

There is also a modest Greta Bowls cafe on the main road leading to the entrance of the farm where incredibly yummy – and almost as cheap as those from the street stalls – noodle soups are served. There is a very nice coffee shop to the left from Greta Bowls, but I prefer the one which is near the pond.

Anyway, now you know where to spend your next family Sunday, do you not?

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