Apps And Videos That Help You Learn Thai

If we are honest, most of us struggle with the Thai language, especially the older generation. The fact is, when you get to a certain age, learning any new skill can prove to be an arduous task.

Many give up on speaking Thai, simple because most Thai people we come across on our travels speak a reasonable amount of English, often more than enough to get by in most situations.

But wouldn’t it be great just to learn a bit of the language and show that we are making an effort?

Well for those who wish to make a bold attempt at increasing your vocabulary and knowledge of the local dialect , there are a number of ways of going about learning to speak this complicated tonal language.

Firstly, you could go to school. In fact, many of you will be on educational visas and go to language classes on a regular basis to receive instruction on not only speaking but reading Thai.

But those who are on retirement visas, will have no interest in attending school every day. A case of “been there, done that” many years ago.

So what can you do?

Assuming that you own a smart phone, such as an iPhone or Samsung, you could utilise some of the apps available from your phone’s store. Now these apps are never likely to teach you how to speak fluent Thai but they will learn you the fundamentals of the language and ensure you are familiar with a broad range or words and sentences.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you could polish up on your Thai lingo.


Let us look at an application called Nemo. This app offers a range of words per day. The user can set how many words he or she can grasp in any given day and a reminder will chime at a certain time to say “it’s time for today’s lesson”.

The instructions begin simply enough, with items such as “Hello” or “Thank You”. Nothing too difficult there as you can gather. You will pick up “Yes” And “No”, along with “You’re Welcome” and a few others on day one of your plan.

Day two will deliver Words like “Good” and “Delicious” or “Dee” and “Aroi” in Thai. And so the process builds over a period of weeks, teaching you the days of the week and other useful things to know.

It also offers basic sentences such as “What is your name?” or “Where can I buy….?”. You will learn how to ask for items in the supermarket, even if it is only the singular word such as “Shampoo”. Body parts are covered in good detail, fingers, hands, legs and so on are all included.

Like most of these apps, it does have a fair amount of useless material, that you are unlikely to ever require but may be good to know, nevertheless.

Overall, this is a good app to give you an insight into how to speak Thai. The speech is clear and concise, offering no more than you require.

It also comes to an end just as you are loving your daily dose of learning Thai. This is frustrating and it would be great to see the developer extend the app further.

Learn Thai:

Another popular app is known simply as “Learn Thai”. This one is broken into categories, such as Greetings, Numbers, Time & Date, Eating Out and Colours. There is a fair set of categories to work you way through, so it can keep you busy for a while.

The voice used is not as pleasant on the ear as the Nemo application but it does the job.

If you open up the category “Greetings”, you are presented with a range of sayings such as Good Afternoon, How Are You? or Can You Speak English?. Each category features around twenty words, sentences or phrases.

It provides the text in Thai, English and a phonetic form, so that you can see and hear what the phrase should look and sound like.

Again, there is a lot on offer here, much of which you will have a use for. Some are singular words, whilst others are basic and small sentences.

It is worth downloading and seeing for yourself, if this is the one for you.

24 Hours – Speak Thai:

OK let’s be sensible. No one is going to learn Thai in 24 hours and if you tried to cram all the information in, in such a short period of time, you are likely to fail miserably. Maybe the name should be rethought.

However, the lessons are of a good standard and cover many terms that the novice speaker can make use of.

Learn the basics, money, days of the week, numbers, important phrases and a lot more. It even covers telling the time.

The 24 x one hour lessons are excellent, once you weed out the stuff that you will never use. Overall, it is a handy application to have on your phone.


There are numerous tools available to assist in learning the Thai language and they all have their uses and downfalls.

Consider Google Translate if you are stuck, once again it’s available as an application. It is never going to nail every phrase or sentence and it works better on single words or smaller sentences as opposed to translating a book.

Search you phone’s store and see what is on offer. Many are completely free, with the occasional advert but others have in app purchases or you may have to buy the programme to start with, so read the reviews.

Learn Thai With Mod:

However, if you fancy something different and to be honest it is much more fun than any of the apps available, try visiting YouTube and make use of the many videos under the header of “Learn Thai With Mod.

Mod is a beautiful, intelligent girl with a good grasp of English and makes her lessons fun and enjoyable. Check her out here

Or visit her website, where you can subscribe to private lessons and learn so much more. Her website can be found here

Learning with Mod’s videos is great fun and gives a good visual as you try to get your tongue around some of the words and tones used. She explains things in reasonable depth getting her instructions across easily.

Each lesson adds another skill level, so that you are always gaining more knowledge as you progress.

No matter which method you use, learning Thai can be enjoyable, especially if you have a friend to practice your new skills on. Speak your new words, phrases or sentences to a Thai and discover if they understand you or if you obtain nothing more than a blank look.

But do not despair, for more often than not, all you have to alter is those tones and he or she will soon understand you.


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