Art Nouveau by Dash

Hotel Baraquda Pattaya MGallery by Sofitel

Hotel Baraquda Pattaya Mgallery by Sofitel on June 12, 2018 hosted its very first art and cultural event of the year in Pattaya – Art Nouveau by Dash.

Dashmeet (aka Dash) the famous international artist graced the event with 2 of his marvelous creations using everything but paint brush for the art pieces.  From recycled plastic bottles, chop sticks, spoons, forks and other similar items, the genius created his art works in Pattaya.

Pattaya’s high regarded VIP’s, Media Partners, General Managers, Hospitality groups and influencers were also present at the event. The Master pieces of Dash are an infusion of the traditional Thai style and his own signature styles.  Volunteers from the VIP invitees and the media partners also collaborated with Dash to paint. This was probably their first venture into painting which fused the abstract oceanic art with traditional Thai art. Some of the volunteers were Sophon Cable TV, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, members of Pattaya City Hall, Fabulous 103 FM Group, Retox Group, Choice Group Asia and Le Club guests in house.

All the paintings were auctioned at the end of the event to the in-house audience. The amount raised was then handed over to our partner charity organization – Hand to Hand Foundation Pattaya.

The event was also used to highlight the hazard South East Asia, especially Thailand, is facing due to Ocean pollution.  Lately in Thailand, a large whale was found dead ashore with plastic wastes inside his stomach. Thailand which is striving hard to become an eco friendly nation, Dash took the occasion to highlight these global issues through his paintings, the collaborators painting and a chat session on fighting these issues judiciously. The theme of the artwork event was based on these global issues while guests were encouraged to use related hash tags for posting anything about the happenings of the night.  The grandeur of the night was par excellence as we celebrated art, culture, social awareness and   officially introduced the Baraquda Mask (Tears of Poseidon) hand in hand with Dash’s exclusive “The Art Clock” project.

About Dash:

An artist, curator, art collector and the Director of The Art Floor, Dashmeet Singh is also called Dash. A former Vice President of India Bulls Dubai operation, Dash opted for art as his full-time profession and with full dedication practices art and promotes it too. Abstract expressionism is his artistic style as it portrays emotion and energy. Through his multiple color bearings on canvas, his works narrates a story.

Such is his mastery over colors that it weaves magic and conveys story “a story of evolution and life that thrives despite earthly travails”.  For the past five years he has created his own unique style of art. A very social person, Dash loves working in public, collaborating with people and using offbeat art materials, adhesives and tools making his art engaging and full of life. What is more impressive is his use of hands over brushes and spatulas to create his art.

Dash has worked with top artists and collectors in India and uses a part of his earned money to support development causes around his community. A charming personality, Dash takes pleasure in cooking and believes that “the way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach” & “the way to success is through (helping) others”.


Dash was selected by FICCI, Federation of International Chambers of Corporation for display of his art works at the Prime Ministers lounge, VIP Lounge, and Media lounge at WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY on June 05 2018, hosted by India at the coveted Vigyan bhawan based in New Delhi. Mr Erik Solheim, Executive Director, United Nations Environment program and Mr Harshvasdhan, cabinet minister , Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in India highly praised Dash for his works.

Style of work:

Nature has always inspired artists and his creations.
Though his work, Dash tries to explain all the importance of preserving nature and its beauty. His masterpieces portray how vulnerable the nature has become due to the inconsiderate actions of the human.

Art Nouveau by Dash

Dash Speaks about his paintings in Pattaya

How did Pattaya inspire you to make these painting?

“These paintings are a culmination of my musings of the beautiful city of Pattaya. Conceived in my authentic style of action painting, I have tried to capture the dynamic city through a vivacious colour palate. The musty smell of the sea breeze, the gushing sounds of the waves and the varied hues of blue and green that are visible in the water, as well as the sun kissed sea shore, can all be experienced in my works. As an artist I am enthralled by the bustling colorful lifestyle of the city and the soulful festivals it holds, thus through this series of works I’ve strived to share my impressions, my intimate musings, with the viewer”.

What would you say is your style of painting?

“My style of working resembles abstract expressionism as it is intuitive, vigorous and engaging. I let my soul wander freely on the canvas playing with colours that enunciate my mood in that particular moment. Thus abstraction comes naturally to me. But despite my impulsive bearings of colour play on canvas, my works always narrate a story. Like in these works I have tried to capture the essence of the city of Pattaya. On further exploration you can find these works to be aerial mappings of the sea shore. The visuals have not been intentionally created rather are mere interpretations of my subconscious. These paintings hold special significance in my repertory of works as an artist, a traveller and explorer and I hope they appeal to you as a viewer and leave an everlasting impression on your soul”.

One can view and purchase Dash’s work at Hotel Baraquda Pattaya Mgallery by Sofitel.

Art Nouveau by Dash

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