What Attracts the 5-star Hotels to Pattaya?

You wouldn’t have to do much research to understand that Pattaya’s reputation has taken a bit of beating in the past. A lot of this information was blown out of all proportion but it wasn’t without some foundation.

Thankfully the city has done a lot to improve its image and now is a very desirable destination for families as well singles still looking to enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife, nearby golf courses or maybe the water sports. The number of tourists coming to Pattaya is increasing year on year and it is not hard to appreciate why.

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The fact that the number of tourists coming to city is consistently increasing should give you the biggest clue as to what attracts the 5-star hotels although this only tells half the story. The city is expected to grow rapidly in the forthcoming years and there has even been constant speculation that the gambling laws in Thailand may soon be relaxed allowing casinos in Thailand for the first time. If this were to happen it would probably see Pattaya turning into a Las Vegas style resort with the city already well-established as an entertainment Mecca.

With the constantly increasing visitors and the speculation surrounding casinos coming to the city it has seen property investors stand up and take note. Indeed, rental guarantee concepts have become a feature in recent years with developers building and selling properties that are aimed solely at investors. These types of scheme offer investors a guaranteed return for a given number of years therefore presenting investors with a huge amount of security and making these investments very low risk.

5 star hotel

In fact, rental guarantee concepts have proved so popular that even the major 5-star hotel chains are starting to offer them. This gives an added element of security to investors as these hotels have massive financial backing, they are very popular in their own right as well as having large marketing budgets. The fact that these hotels are always built in prime locations means that there is an even greater chance of achieving capital growth on top of the income. The hotels benefit from effectively spreading their risk and reducing the own initial outlay in the hotel.

There are a several of rental guarantee concepts offered by the 5-star hotels but three stand out from the crowd. One such completed project is the Amari hotel in Pattaya itself. This particular concept offers investors a guaranteed return of 5% p.a. for five years whilst prudently projecting returns of 8% p.a. in subsequent years. Obviously, this is a hotel owned by a well-known, reputable, 5-star hotelier so has huge potential for both capital growth and large returns in the form of income.

If you still feel a little unsure about Pattaya, there are two further projects that are under construction on the popular island of Phuket. These are owned by the Best Western and Ramada. The offers available are guaranteed returns of 7% p.a. for five years with an impressive projected return of 10% p.a. and above in the following years. For all these rental guarantee concepts, both in Pattaya and Phuket, the only input that is required from investors is to purchase the units as all the management is taken care of by the hotels.

5 star hotel

Rental guarantee concepts are great investment which benefit all parties. This is a stress-free investment giving a healthy passive income. The fact that the large hotels are investing in these destinations should tell you that they believe that they have huge potential. Isn’t it time you followed these major hotels and in invested in either Pattaya or Phuket

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