Australian Civil Partnership Visa

An Australian Settlement visa also known as a civil partnership visa is available to persons in same-sex relationship. This type of visa will give an LGBT couple the same rights as any other married couple. All the different types of visa apply, so a same-sex couple can apply for a tourist visa or a migration visa.

It is always a good idea to visit Australia to allow your partner to experience life in Australia and get to meet your family. This will also show the Australian Embassy staff that your partner has had a chance to meet your family and then returned to Thailand on time.

It is a good idea to show that you are in a genuine relationship and intend to form a civil partnership this will prove to the Australian Embassy that you are not a manufactured couple for any other reason other than to live together and settle in Australia.

Some visa companies do not have the experience of dealing with lesbian, trans-sexual, gay and bi-sexual relationships so therefore may not be able to assist you. However, Love Pattaya Law is well known for assisting in this type of relationship visa applications so you can contact them on Love Pattaya Law will help you to obtain your visa without any problem by guiding you as the Australian sponsor and your Thai partner throughout the application process.

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