Australian Tourist Visa for you Thai girlfriend

Australian tourist visas for Thai girlfriend is known as a subclass 600 visa. The form you need is a 1419tha. It is important that it is filled out correctly or it will be straight out refused. Luckily our friends at Love Pattaya Law are well versed in filling out this forms so they will help you every step of the way.

All the documentation that goes with the application will need to be translated into English if it’s in Thai and vice-versa. This is to ensure that it is easy for the Australian embassy officials to understand.

It is important to have all your documents in order, when presenting them to the decision makers at the Australian embassy. The visa application is firstly submitted to the Australian VFS visa application centre, their role is to package the visa application and send it to Australia for the visa officers to make a decision on the application and whether to issue you with your visa. If they refuse they will then give a document which will detail the reasons why a refusal was given, which in most cases cannot be appealed and does not hold a right of appeal due to you not being legally married.

The documents that you will require are not just a standard list, as everybody’s circumstances are different. As a result, obtaining an Australian tourist visa for a Thai girlfriend can be a minefield as some sponsors live in Thailand but some live in Australia. This means the documents that are required are completely different. It takes experience to ensure your Thai girlfriend gets the visa and the documents the Australian sponsor will supply.

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