One of Pattaya’s perennial problems is storm-water damage to the beach. Torrents of water flow down from 2nd rd and overwhelm the drains and gutters on Beach road. One of the worst locations for damage is opposite Soi 6. This is what sections of the beach look like after a heavy down pour.

Normally after these unfortunate events the council moves quickly and brings in machinery to restore the sand that has washed away. However this is very much a band-aid solution to the problem, consequently the council have started on a major project to channel the storm water a few hundred meters out into the bay. From my condo I can see the barges and cranes working non stop 24/7 on what we hope is a solution to the storm-water build up opposite Soi 6 in North Pattaya.

Obviously they must be going to install a huge pump to ensure the flood waters will push effectively through the underwater drain out into the bay. It seems finally we will have a partial solution the the problem. I say partial because I imagine similar pipelines may have to be installed in at least two other locations, maybe opposite Pattaya Klang and Soi 1 at the very least.

There is no doubt about the Thai work ethic, when they get stuck into a project they work like ants building a new nest. I walk along Beach road early every morning and check on the progress, I am always surprised to find the difference in the project in just 24 hours.

The photos below show the progress from September 8th, October 6th and October 16th.

Beach Road storm-water solution

Beach Road storm-water solution

Before moving to Pattaya five years ago I lived on the Gold Coast in Australia, a city famous for it’s world class beaches. I have to tell you beach erosion in Pattaya is no where near as bad as the Gold Coast. The difference is it happens more regularly in Pattaya with heightens the problem. Take a look at the devastation after a tropical storm in Australia.

Beach Road storm-water solution

Beach Road storm-water solution

Horrendous damage like this is repaired ​ in two ways, truckloads of sand are transported in and distributed by earth moving machinery similar to those used in Pattaya. The second method is using a dredge to move the sand back onto the shore from several hundred meters offshore from the beach.

This method is one I would like to see introduced to Pattaya, a sand dredge could operate 24/7 365 days per year, moving slowly offshore along the length of the beach. When they reach the end the procedure is repeated. Low labour costs would ensure the overall budget would be affordable.

Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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Here is a short video showing boats struggling to get off the sand bar and the earth moving machinery on the barges busy digging a channel.

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