Best Activities For Adrenalin Junkies

What can Pattaya and the surrounding area offer those of you who have the urge to do something dangerous or exciting just for the thrill of the adrenalin rush through your body?

Let’s check out the activities available.

Sky Diving

Most of us dream of parachuting from the skies, enjoying the free fall before the chute opens and would kill to experience the sensation of sky diving. Of course, you are almost certainly going to be strapped to an experienced sky diver and do the jump in tandem.

Switch on the GoPro and make that awesome jump for an adventure of a lifetime; one that will remain with you for as long as you live.

Sky Diving, however is not cheap, and could well be the most expensive item on your holiday “to do” list.

Scuba Diving

There are a number of Scuba Diving companies around the city, many offer training and certification, if you wish to take it seriously. However, you can simply venture out on the boat and snorkel or dive under the instructor’s guidance and still enjoy a fantastic day out.

Most companies will supply all the kit you require and will often arrange lunch, soft drinks and transport to and from your hotel.

There are some pretty good diving spots off the coast of Pattaya. Again, this is a adventure everyone one should have do at least once.

Go Karts

Pattaya has a few Go Kart circuits to choose from, where you can display your adeptness behind the wheel of a kart on a range of circuits. Each hire lasts around 20-30 minutes but by the time you go through the preparation process, you should allow at least an hour for this activity.

Some venues offer protective clothing but all will ask you to wear a helmet.

The exhilaration of speeding around the track, in a vehicle close to the ground, is phenomenal. Your activity is also affordable, in fact assuming you are only paying for your self, it is incredible value for money.


This is an activity that will not be kind on your wallet but one that we would highly recommend you do at least once.

Basically you get on a board that is projected into the air by jets of water, and if you are a fast learner, you will soon be doing a range of moves and tricks. Ask your mates to video and take images of your time here and you will be the envy of your friends.

Dirt Biking

Another thrilling experience is to rent an off road motorcycle and hit the trails on two wheels. Dirt tracks, jungle trails, sandy courses, muddy paths and alls sorts of unexpected obstacles await you on these expeditions.

Often you will be under the guidance of an instructor who will offer assistance with knowledge of the bikes and the courses.

It can be a solo venture, a family outing or a group trial and of course no matter your skill level, it will be challenging and a whole lot of fun as you speed around the courses.

Bungee Jumping / Sling Shot

We have all seen them. We have all considered doing it but how many have backed away, too frightened to try the bungee jump?

Many places offer a range of activities including Sling Shot, Airsoft / Paintball, Hovercraft Racing, ATVs and more, often on one site.

All these thrilling experiences will give the adrenalin junkie something to remember from their trip to Pattaya.

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