The Best Massage In Pattaya

There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of massage parlors in and around the city.

LOVE PATTAYA have recommended some of our favourites, which provide some of the best service around. We are here to make sure you experience “The Best Massage In Pattaya”


It a common mistake for new arrivals to think all of the parlors in Pattaya provide you with “extras”. But this isn’t the case. Some restrict their services solely to Traditional Thai massage. We are here to make sure that there are no crossed wires and help you avoid some potentially awkward situations. Finding the Best massage in Pattaya doesn’t have to be about the extra’s 😉

Traditional Thai Massages

Traditional Thai massage parlors in Pattaya hire trained and experienced masseuses, who in deliver a high quality traditional Thai massage that will relieve you of any aches, pains or strains.

Oil Massage

The hardest massage shops to not miss in Pattaya are the ones with the girls sitting out the front, often calling out to the tune of- “Masaaaage!” “Mister! Masaaaage!” Anyone who’s spent time in Pattaya will know the ones.

There are massage parlors are everywhere and although they can provide traditional Thai massages, its not the main reason people visit them. Oil massages in Pattaya have to be the the most common form of massage with the regular cliental which is quite often followed with a few extras. A happy ending massage if you will.

Soapy Massage

An alternative to a traditional or an oil massage is a “Soapy massage” which are only available at a select few locations in Pattaya. These parlours are a little different to the regular shops and provide a unique service that you will never forget.

Bespoke Massage

There are other, bespoke services around Pattaya which may interest you. These include four-hand massages, with two girls at once, Outcall Massage delivery services and a massage from blind masseuses. These are very traditional and very sensual.

Whatever type of massage you decide on, dont forget to drop our name when your their. We hope you get what your looking for and that you experience the best massage in Pattaya.

So scroll down as LOVEPATTAYA guides you through the world of Thai Massage. ENJOY!

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