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I visited the 8 Horseshoes Tavern, situated on Thrappaya Road, just going down the hill before you come into Pattaya from Jomtien.

On entering this Russian restaurant I was greeted by the owner and chef Mr Mikhail IIyin, who is a really nice bloke and speaks quite good English.

Big John's Verdict On 8 Horseshoes Tavern

I was served some really good food! I started with a plate of herrings on beetroot salad, this was a massive starter and would have been adequate for two people, next I had Borsch, which again was very good. I finished off with pork duck and chicken plaited together in a figure of 8 which is one of their specialties served up with an unusual selection of vegetables his other specials include red caviar shipped over from Alaska. All of this was washed down with a fermented bread, non alcohol drink, which really tasted of Russian bread.

Big John's Verdict On 8 Horseshoes Tavern

The place had a olde Russian style to the place with big steel lighting, also inside was a early Russian horse drawn potato cart. The restaurant had seating for 50 people inside and on other 35 on an outside side terrace. The staff were nice and not at all pushy.

Big John's Verdict On 8 Horseshoes Tavern

Whilst I was here I interviewed a couple of customers, and they said that the food was always first class and delicious.

I definitely will go back again.

Enjoy the experience!

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