Black listing for overstaying your visa in Thailand

From March / April 2016 a black listing is set to be put in place for over stays on your visa, as was announced by the immigration bureau chief.

Under the rules that currently stand at the moment, you are only subject to a fine and would be able to enter the Kingdom of Thailand again straight away but it could be unlikely for the foreseeable future.

Black listing for overstaying your visa in Thailand

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-O-Cha approved of the bureaus decision on November 27 ( which was not made public ), and a royal order on the black listing is in place to be broadcasted at the end of March.

At the moment the daily fine for over staying your visa is 500 THB a day up to a maximum of 20,000 THB. As it stands, regardless of the amount of overstay on your passport you will still be able to return into the Kingdom. With the new rules that are suggested to be put into place, anyone who out stays their visa could jeopardize being let back into Thailand and black listed for up to 10 years.

Black listing for overstaying your visa in Thailand

Any visitors to the Kingdom who overstay their visa by 90 days will automatically be black listed, unless he/she were to hand themselves into the authorities, it would appear they will face a much lighter dealing rather than one who gets arrested.

If he/she is able to make it to the airport and has not exceeded the 90 days it appears that the 500 – 20,000 baht fine a day will still be in place. But if anyone is arrested as an over stay they will automatically be black listed for up to 5-10 years.

These new rules as of yet are to be set in stone until published in the royal gazette, so just a heads up if your visa is overdue then it would be a wise idea to go down the right path and see the local authorities to save any unnecessary black listing that could arise.

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  1. Keith

    Why stop people coming into the country? Ok youve overstayed,just get another visa,end of story.Most foreigners who come to Thailand spend a lot of money here so are helping Thailand’s economy. Personally i dont see why we have to have visa’s in this day and age especially if you are married to a Thai. And why when you get a 1 year visa do you still have to go to immigration every 3 months?