Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Anyone who has been to Pattaya and fallen in love with the women, slow lifestyle or even just how backwards things can be, has also no doubt heard of The Pattaya Addicts Forum. The forum has served as an important source of information for people in, or traveling to Pattaya. The mastermind behind the forum’s creation didn’t stop there however. He also went on to obtain a mass of business investments here in Pattaya. Things weren’t always so glorious however. That dirty genius mind that is behind it all is named Bryan Flowers.

The Neverland Post tracked down the notorious “Soi 6 Mafia” Boss for a little Q&A session. How did a young man of 23 decide that Pattaya was the place and go about establishing an empire and become one of the most well-respected business owners in Pattaya?

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

The Interview

NLP: Out of all the places in the world that you could have settled, why Pattaya?

BF: I was going to university and earning a lot of money. I wanted to take a holiday somewhere that I could be treated like a king, so I asked my friend “India or Thailand?”

My friend responded that he watched the movie “The Beach” and he wanted to experience one of Thailand’s infamous “Full Moon Parties.” (Full Moon Survival Guide) We packed our bags and went lonely planet style on it.

We started off down on Khaosan Road in Bangkok, took the night train and bus to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. After three weeks and loads of messing around and constantly hearing people talk about why I shouldn’t go to Pattaya, I knew I needed to. I heard so many bad stories about Pattaya, I just had to experience it for myself. After being in Bangkok and the islands, I was already starting to enjoy the constant company of “free” Thai women and I was having some lessons in life, nothing is free lol. I thought fuck it and started visiting bars, girls and adult nightlife venues, after that, I was addicted to everything Pattaya.

I love the fact that Thailand is so messed up, outdated and backwards. Nothing is simple here and there is a lot of mystery, rumors and just plain old bullshit. It’s a man’s city. If you are a weak individual, this town will drain you of your money or kill you with one of its many vices. I have seen many men come here, fall and lose everything, but I thrive in places that offer a rough lifestyle and endless puzzles. I am even addicted to the Thai language. I fell in love with Pattaya and decided to share my love with the world via the once I had a name for myself.

By this time, I had invested so much time into Pattaya that there was no way I could live anywhere else. I became a true Pattaya warrior and sucked up all of the information about Pattaya that I could get my hands on. This is the city of dreams, even after all this time with an occasional bad day thrown in, the good days make it worth it.

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

NLP: How old were you when you made your first trip to Thailand?

BF: My first trip was when I was 23. I made the conscious decision that I was going to move here forever at that time. I moved here permanently at 25 years old. I came over on a one-way ticket and 30k baht in my pocket with a forum about Pattaya in its infantile stages. The only reason I survived and flourished here was because I had no choice. I was depressed in the UK, in Thailand I am happy, even the thought of going back terrifies me. I woke up many times from nightmares that I was back in the UK, I almost cried LOL!

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

NLP: How many years have you been here now?

BF: Next week I will have been here nine years. My wife keeps trying to convince me that it is 10 years but I am sure it’s nine. I have been with my wife the entire time apart for 6 months when we decided to take a break. She has followed and been a part of my journey every step of the way, she has been my rock, best friend and has stuck by me even when I treat her badly.

NLP: What about your businesses?

BF: I created a group of investors and have been leading it for the last four years. The group now owns 11 bars that are managed by 11 managers and consist of 200+ service ladies.

The names of our bars are Toy Box, Nightwish Bar, Pussy Club, Horny Bar, Kawaii Bar, Butterfly Bar, Foxy Bar, Offshore Bar and Sexy in the City. (All located on Soi 6 in Pattaya). We also have two on Soi Bongkot 8 that are closed style “gentlemen’s clubs” named J Club (FB Coming Soon) and Club Sin. We are looking at opening another 12 bars next year.

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

NLP: What makes customers choose you over your competitors?

BF: I won’t get into too much detail due to the amount of time it would take to explain it all. We have a huge following from the Pattaya Addicts Forum and Facebook. We staff each bar with a manager and often have nicer girls than the competition. The bars are run properly. We are constantly improving policies, procedures and even facilities to ensure that we only get better every year. We have had our share of mistakes and they have only helped to make us a strong and more efficient group today.

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

NLP: How has Thailand changed since your first trip?

BF: The price of companionship has gone up with a few new buildings. Other than that the largest notable changes are that there are many many more condos, almost five large shopping malls, Tesco Lotus has gotten huge and is trying to choke off 7-Elevens. The eating habits of Thais have changed as well to incorporate a lot of fast food restaurants that have popped up in the last few years. The gogo scene has changed dramatically. Gogos used to be seedy little places that you would go to look at women; they have gotten significantly higher class these days and are often too expensive for many of us expats.

NLP: What would you say to people believing the hype that Thailand is a dangerous tourist destination right now?

BF: I would honestly say that if you believe the media, and it keeps you from traveling, you have no balls and are better off sitting at home in the safety of your living room. For those fearless warriors with some testicular fortitude, you will flourish here in Pattaya and reap all the benefits, what are you waiting for?

NLP: What three pieces of advice would you give to young entrepreneurs that have their sights set on Thailand?

BF: I had no intentions whatsoever of getting rich when I came here. There are millions of opportunities available and you’ll never know if there is one for you until you come here and find out. It is not easy to make money in Thailand unless you are considered among the elite, or have a competitive advantage like we did. I would say the best chance at success now would be Bangkok but investors should look at Asia as a whole and do their research before they start buying up businesses.

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

NLP: How hard is it to find a job that will pay enough to stay in Thailand permanently?

BF: I’m actually writing a book on this. It is a very long-winded and difficult question to answer really. I think it’s easy personally, if you know the right people, or establish a reputation for yourself, either way, at first you will end up settling for something you aren’t pleased with, or that doesn’t pay or appreciate you enough.

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

The best way to start I have found, is to create a job within a friend’s company to start with, (every business needs sales) or to start a company by yourself. I get thousands of messages every day from men around the globe that want to eventually end up in Pattaya. My response to them every time is you have to be here. If you aren’t here currently, it does me no good to find a suitable candidate that lives in America. Get to Thailand first, and then come find me, it’s not hard. If you are back home and I know you, that’s a different story.

NLP: What would you say has been your most satisfying moment since arriving in Thailand?

BF: The most satisfying accomplishments were when I got my first car and my first house. I remember being on holiday in Happy A Gogo watching their rotations and I thought I would love to live here. There have been several moments inside of gogos where I find myself thinking, “Holy shit, you do live here now!” I even still get a few WOW moments that I can’t speak of LOL.

NLP: What are your hobbies? What do you do in your off time?

BF: I do Muay Thai one to two times per day, boxing twice per week, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu once per week, I jog at the gym. In between all of this I am doing deep stretching lessons with a friend named Diana at Pure Yoga Pattaya and after all of that I attempt to finish whatever work or meetings I have for the day.

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

NLP: Who has been your greatest inspiration? Why?

BF: I look up to some of the guys on the “Dragons Den”, Richard Branson, Gordon Ramsay and Tony Robbins (I will be going to his seminar in London in March).

NLP: How important is it to learn Thai?

BF: It is SO important, but most people don’t realize it until they get more advanced in Thai. The more you learn and develop and really speak, the more you realized on all you missed out on when you couldn’t speak/read Thai. If you are going to live here long-term, you really need to learn ASAP because you will get so many more benefits from it. It’s a very good investment. If you want to be close to Thais without having to pay for friendship, it is important that you can communicate and be a friend.

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

NLP: What is your motivation? What drives you?

BF: It was my wife and kid and a terrifying fear of going back home that got me started. If I am honest about my motivation now, it’s all ego driven. I want to inspire, I want to show everyone that I can pull off all of the crazy plans I put into motion. I get motivated by negative people and haters. I set targets and I need to reach them, the older I get, the further into the future my plans stretch.

NLP: Do you read books? If so, what genre?

BF: I like to read autobiographies of successful businessmen and self-help/motivational style books. I am always looking for anything that can light a fire under my ass and get me out there pushing and hustling.

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

NLP: Do you support any local charities?

BF: I have done a lot of fundraising for different projects. I got close to a few different charities and honestly, I didn’t like what I saw, so I walked away. I won’t get into details in this interview, but some people here start and run charities for all the wrong reasons, and the good guys are blackballed by the government/cops. I like to win, not constantly lose. Doing charity work here takes the happiness out of me, I have helped a dog charity a bit and I donate often to various things that pop up around town. The last two donations were 3k baht each for street kids in Manila and some money for backing my brother’s sponsored something. I think anyone successful or wealthy should donate into charities; it is a sign that things are going right. It feels good to help people and it cheers me up to do it, you just really have to do your research before donating. I selfishly find it best to blindly donate and walk away.

NLP: Do you still participate in the party?

BF: I haven’t drank for three years. I make the odd quick appearance now to be polite, but my days are really busy and I am up to do Muay Thai at 6 am daily so I try to be in bed at 11 pm. I still enjoy some of the services that bars offer from time to time however.

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

NLP: What is your biggest “Pet Peeve”?

BF: People robbing and stealing from investors or business partners. It truly makes it harder for the good guys to get support. I hate people who cheat. In my game I want to make money honestly and through hard work and the collective efforts of the group, not stealing to get ahead. Everyone in the world can get ahead if they have the will to do it, lots just choose the easy route and take it from someone else.

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

NLP: What is the most memorable place or establishment in Thailand for you thus far?

BF: I think my heart is split between many places here. Muay Thai camps in Chiang Mai, past holiday memories in Koh Samui and Koh Phangan from my early days, my love for Soi 6 in Pattaya, Pattaya itself and other places throughout Thailand and Bangkok, they all hold a special place to me.

NLP: If you had to start over, would you do it any differently?

BF: No. I say no because every failure has taught me something. People don’t see all the failures a person has had, you get back up and keep fighting, it’s the only reason some people are successful and others aren’t. The ones that never give up, that stand back up when life knocks them down, they get back up stronger. Some of the times I have been ripped off were expensive lessons but ultimately, they brought me to where I am today!

Bryan Flowers – The Original Pattaya Addict

There you have it. If you are willing to stand up and fight to accomplish your goals, you can accomplish them in Thailand a lot easier than you can in the western society. Sitting on your couch and wondering what to do next? It’s as simple as getting a plane ticket…you just have to be here first!

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  1. Rob

    I love thailand with all my heart. I lived in pattaya for 4 years. Now back in Australia. I go there as often as i can. I have travelled many places around the world. Thailand is my favourite. I also tried to make it my home. I am too young to get a retirement visa. And dont have the funds to retire. Though i do have a thai wife. We have been together 7 years. I first travelled to los in 2006. And fell in love with it. And was going there 3-4 times a year. Until i moved there, in 2011. My wife and I have returned to Australia. Though we do return often. I cant wait til the day we move back there. I also would love to live and earn an income there. I think its maybe who you know there. I agree, better to learn thai. My wife and i have travelled many parts of Thailand together. I like to consider myself street smart, and level headed. Agree the thought of returning home, is devestating. But without contacts in the know, and limited funds. Had no choice but to return to Australia. I will love to receive any genuine offers. Of managing positions. Etc. or suggestions. Pattaya addicts is brilliant. I have wrote on it. Then told my story in a bar. To a friend. And he goes was that you. And have also had a neighbour document his whole life in thailand on it. It is a great information sharing forum.though i am not in thailand. I always keep up to date. With whats happening. Via various sources. I can honestly say. I love thailand. More than Australia. Its not all about sex. I love thailand for many reasons. And anyone who has never been. Will assume its only sex. I do recommend pattaya best tourist destination in Thailand. Its the most convenient place in the world. Their is nothing like it. Anyway for the expats and visitors. Well done. Enjoy Thailand in all its glory.