Although Golf in Thailand is pretty awesome a complaint I hear often is that it is becoming quite expensive compared to other parts of the world. This is true when you take into account the cost of your whole day but not so accurate if talking about the greenfee alone.

Golf in the UK for example is around 30 pounds a round which would be the equivalent of approximately 1500 baht. In contrast a typical course in Pattaya like Greenwood would cost around 1000 baht for the greenfee but there is a catch, here there are extras which take it over the UK price. In Thailand it is compulsory to hire a local golf caddie, most courses will charge around 300 baht and a standard tip is anywhere from 200 baht – 500 baht (tip is also compulsory) taking the cost of the round over that of the UK equivalent course.

Some would say these caddies are worth every penny but lots would prefer to have the option especially when some courses make you take a golf cart. If you are lucky enough to be a good golfer, playing your home course and using a cart, why should you be made to hire a caddie?

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  1. Eddy Scott

    I’m playing around the Hua Hin area where there are 8 or 9 courses, the courses are well priced in the low season but in the high season it gets very expensive with some courses charging over 3500 thai baht up to 4700 so,it ranges from around £80 – £100 per green fee, then you add the caddy fee and caddy tip both at 300 thai baht, then you add a golf cart which most clubs don’t let 2 people share, so if you played black mountain you would be looking at a cost for 18 holes of around £125. That’s expensive golf. Plus a lot of the caddies are not very good, if they have to walk they make it known they are not happy and the assistance on the course won’t be up to much. I tend to find a good caddy and stick with them, pay them a little extra and they will take care of you. Anyone playing at majestic creek there are 2 very good caddies numbers 181 Kwan, and 055 Bow, 2 excellent caddies.
    But I would prefer the option of NO caddy due to the cost.