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Category: Events

15 March

Songkran is arguably the most fun event in the Thai calendar, the week-long water fight here that ensues as part of the celebration marking the start of the Thai new year can be described as nothing less than completely crazy and the true scope of it has to be experienced firsthand to really do it […]

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18 October

Thailand’s annual nine-day vegetarian festival kicked off on 8 October with devotees from Loem Hu Thai Su shrine, on the island of Phuket, showing off their eye-catching, some would say alarming, piercing.

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25 June

Hotel Baraquda Pattaya Mgallery by Sofitel on June 12, 2018 hosted its very first art and cultural event of the year in Pattaya – Art Nouveau by Dash

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12 February

What a weekend so much fun packed into two days we could barely handle it, did you head on over to the Burapa bike Weekend? If not don’t worry we took lots of pictures.

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20 December

We thought we would take some of the stress out of deciding which party to attend by providing a list of parties that at the very least should be high on your list of considerations.

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01 November

The phrase translates to “floating basket” and originates from the tradition of making a krathong, which are buoyant baskets.

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31 October

With so many bars all putting on Halloween parties you will be spoilt for choice so we have a few recommendations for you to consider to make your life easier

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22 September

What is Songkran? Effectively for all intent and purposes, Songkran is the Thai New Year, which falls on April 13th each year. Most of the country celebrate over a three day period including the 14th and 15th but in Pattaya, this is extended by five days. Songkran is celebrated by Thai people firstly as a […]

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14 April

Are you ready for a Songkran party with special artists and DJs at Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, We’ll see you there!

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