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Category: Food & Drink

18 February

Healthy Thai dishes for those looking to lose a few kilos For those who spend any large amount of time here in Pattaya it can take a toll on the body, with so many fun activities the majority of which include alcohol it’s easy to start putting on a few pounds as inevitably a few […]

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07 February

Here is a list of the TOP 10 Restaurants in Pattaya voted by you the public, our top 10 list is made by the highest reviewed listings on our site…. If you don’t agree with the list below please feel free to leave a review on your favorite restaurants to bump them up the list. […]

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23 November

From starting out at 14 years of age as an after school dish washer for 50 Cents an hour at a Chinese Restaurant, to becoming the Celebrity International 2 Star Michelin Chef we know today, it’s been quite a journey for Harlan Goldstein. Born in New York and raised in Miami Florida by his single […]

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02 November

Stinky Slices: We tried The Pizza Company’s new Durian Pizza so you don’t have to (VIDEO) To much hype and many social media posts, The Pizza Company launched their Durian Pizza recently and naturally, we had to order one to stink up the Coconuts Bangkok office. A casual search online revealed that many Thai reviewers […]

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01 March

To get a real taste of Thailand, in every sense, you need to eat like the locals eat and enjoy some of the local foods that we are perhaps not familiar with in the west. Pattaya has literally dozens if not hundreds of expat restaurants but if you only eat in these places, you will miss out on so much

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19 February

Pattaya, being westerly facing, is ideal for taking in some stunning evening sunsets. The weather is usually fine for the most part of the year and the nearby islands give the perfect backdrop to watch the sun gracefully say farewell for the day.

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23 November

Popular Street Foods – Give your taste buds a treat as vendors prepare and cook delicious visual delights right in front of your eyes.

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20 July

It’s probably no secret that some fairly bizarre foods get eaten in Thailand. Well you might not have been aware quite how strange there eating practices

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14 July

For those of you that love seriously spicy food here is a few of Thailand’s hottest dishes but be warned you might want to put the toilet roll in the fridge

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22 December

It may be hard to argue that food in Thailand isn’t spicy especially if you eat at the local Thai restaurants around the larger cities.

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