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Category: Blogs

21 December

Pattaya has recently seen a surge of cranes filling the skies working on new condo projects, hotels and many other establishments.  It is safe to say that…

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21 December

Just outside of Bangkok is a rather peculiar place. Wat Saen Suk is a Buddhist temple, but it’s a little bit different than your traditional monastery.

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21 December

While they typically look for big city destinations like Sydney and Vancouver, it would seem that many Chinese investors are choosing more tropical scenes.

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20 December

The collage of people that make up the Pattaya expat scene is a blend of people of different colors, backgrounds and home countries….

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20 December

One of the major advantages of Thailand over countries in the west is that generally, age is nothing but a number. In fact, the majority of successful…

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20 December

Thailand is vastly known throughout the world for its nightlife, wilderness, food, beaches and some of the best and most luxurious hotels

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20 December

Anyone who has been to Pattaya and fallen in love with the women, slow lifestyle or even just how backwards things can be, has also no doubt heard of The…

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19 December

Full Moon parties are happening all throughout Thailand every month. The most notorious of all Full Moon parties is on Koh Phangan Island.

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12 December

The old abandoned Batman Disco. Spent about 45 minutes to an hour in there. Probably one of the most unique places I have ever had the opportunity…

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24 October

As golf courses all over America and China continue to close, Thailand seems to open a new course every month and Birdie have got news of another one,…

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