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Category: Blogs

21 April

The purpose of a UK Settlement Visa is for you to be able to live in the UK with your Thai partner as husband & wife. Read our article for more information.

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31 March

Concerned with the health care system in Thailand? Having your own health insurance when considering Thailand as a place to visit or live is recommended!

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31 March

Job hunting & Employment in Thailand is a tricky business but Love Pattaya Thailand are here to help. Read the do’s and don’ts for landing that job abroad!

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30 March

Looking for International Schools in Pattaya? Regents International school is a popular choice, but it can be expensive. Here are a few alternatives

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30 March

Learning to Speak Thai is no easy task, it takes many hours of practicing before its mastered. We have a few simple phrases for you to learn on this page.

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27 March

Looking for Thai Postal Services in and around Pattaya? Check out this list of the local post offices & international couriers you can use in Pattaya.

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27 March

Getting married in Australia on a tourist visa is a very common question and the answer is; Yes, you can! Read here what’s needed to make this all possible.

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27 March

Money & Banking in Thailand is straight forward enough, here’s an overview of banks, bank accounts, currency exchange, credit cards, transfers & charges.

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25 March

Australians that regularly visit Pattaya often ask us, “How many Australian tourist visa’s can my Thai girlfriend have ?” Read this document and find out!!!

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15 March

The Thai dance as an art form developed after 1431, when Siam conquered Angkor, the ancient capital of the Khmers, and brought skilled dancers to Thailand.

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