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Category: Blogs

24 October

So i’m sure you are aware that Terminal 21 Pattaya has opened it’s doors but did you know there was a hotel inside with some awesome new facilities?

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18 October

When you feel the urge to indulge in the best adult nightlife entertainment Pattaya has to offer, it’s an absolute must to visit the exceptional Stars Club.

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18 October

Thailand’s annual nine-day vegetarian festival kicked off on 8 October with devotees from Loem Hu Thai Su shrine, on the island of Phuket, showing off their eye-catching, some would say alarming, piercing.

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08 October

When we visited we were escorted by two Heavenly assistants, who led us up the staircase and through the black curtain into a nice intimate agogo bar.

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25 June

Hotel Baraquda Pattaya Mgallery by Sofitel on June 12, 2018 hosted its very first art and cultural event of the year in Pattaya – Art Nouveau by Dash

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16 March

Many of you probably will have heard horror stories of officers planting evidence or other such acts, here are some tips to keep you safe here in Thailand

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13 March

Thailand is a country that attracts everyone and it Is not hard to appreciate why. The country that nestles in southeast Asia has some fabulous scenery, excellent year round weather and some genuine culture

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12 March

The main focus of all the nightclubs in Pattaya is the music and having a good time but that being said, several places do have coyote dancers. It should be understood that the nightclubs in Pattaya are very different from the go-go bars and beer bars that you will find close by

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10 March

Although you can never really prepare people for what they are about to encounter when they arrive in this fabulous city we have attempted to put together a newbies guide letting you know what to expect in terms of the wilder side of the city

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09 March

Pattaya is certainly a city that is evolving and is now very definitely a family-friendly resort. OK, there may be some areas of the city that you would rather children didn’t see but overall Pattaya welcomes everyone and that includes families

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