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Category: Blogs

23 February

The Naklua area is located to the North of Pattaya is a quiet residential area, home to many of the local expats. Here you will find some of the attractions most commonly associated with Pattaya such as the Sanctuary of Truth.

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22 February

Pattaya is blessed with some superb hotels and these are available throughout the city. Often owned by some of the major international hotel chains, you will experience first-class service, superb facilities and some of the best restaurants around.

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22 February

Pattaya has hotels that cover all budgets but naturally, some are better than others. Everyone wants to stay in Pattaya but many fear that the price of the hotels will mean that such a trip may not be financially viable.

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20 February

Thailand really is the Land of Smiles and is a country of contrast from the serene Buddhist life to half-naked agogo dancers. You will find the perfect blend of tourists coming from all around the world including backpackers and those searching for the height of luxury.

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19 February

Pattaya, being westerly facing, is ideal for taking in some stunning evening sunsets. The weather is usually fine for the most part of the year and the nearby islands give the perfect backdrop to watch the sun gracefully say farewell for the day.

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19 February

Have any of you been to Koh Khram? The tropical island paradise located a mere 27 kilometers off of the coast of Pattaya, here’s why you should visit!

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15 February

For many of you traveling to or from Pattaya you will probably use Suvarnabhumi Airport, but did you know Pattaya actually has an international airport.

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13 February

Pattaya is a city famous for its incredible nightlife scene, so where are the best places to party here in Pattaya? We have shortlisted a few areas worth checking out

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12 February

What a weekend so much fun packed into two days we could barely handle it, did you head on over to the Burapa bike Weekend? If not don’t worry we took lots of pictures.

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09 February

Sunsets here in Pattaya are truly spectacular so we thought we would select a handful of great locations where you can witness the breath-taking site for yourself.

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