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Category: Blogs

07 February

Pattaya is famed for its sun, sand, sea but it is also a golfer’s paradise with over 20 golf courses in the area, many of which are championship level.

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29 January

Pattaya has so many awesome things to do for people or all ages but one of the best days out has to be a trip to Koh Larn and here’s how to do it without spending a fortune

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26 January

Pattaya has many excellent hotels, which offer luxurious conditions to spend a week or two when you visit this wonderful city. Beach Road is a busy vibrant street during the day time, when tourists flock to relax on the sandy beach…

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23 January

So you have brought a second hand vehicle and now want to put it in your name, sound simple but this is Thailand so here a little how to guide on how to do it

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11 January

Thailand’s GDP, is not based on any single product but is evenly split over a range of things such as tourism, manufacturing, exports and services. According to reputable sources such as Bloomberg, Thailand’s economy grew faster than anyone expected over the last quarter and is on course for a strong 2018

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11 January

Expatriates from around the world have settled in Thailand with the majority coming from Asian nations, such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and China. It is estimated that there are over 86,000 people from the United Kingdom, who now call Thailand home. The United States account for some 41,000 and many Europeans

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20 December

We thought we would take some of the stress out of deciding which party to attend by providing a list of parties that at the very least should be high on your list of considerations.

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06 December

Can a relationship between a Thai bar girl and a farang work? Well I guess that depends on the girl you have decided to take up with and what life choices she has made for herself

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23 November

Popular Street Foods – Give your taste buds a treat as vendors prepare and cook delicious visual delights right in front of your eyes.

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07 November

What can Pattaya area offer those of you who have the urge to do something dangerous or exciting just for the thrill of the adrenalin rush through your body

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