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Category: Culture

27 February

We here at Love Pattaya want everyone to have the best possible time here in Thailand so we thought we would provide a little info on things to avoid doing which might spoil your trip.

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06 November

Pattaya is home to many ladyboys, some which are pretty obvious and others that will have you wondering for hours on end, as to which sex they belong to

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01 November

The phrase translates to “floating basket” and originates from the tradition of making a krathong, which are buoyant baskets.

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24 October

Many give up on speaking Thai, simple because most Thai people we come across on our travels speak a reasonable amount of English

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17 October

The funeral of the late beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej will be taking place from October 25 to October 29 all over the Country.

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10 October

With more and more international travellers choosing Thailand we thought it was about time to give people some lesser known facts about Thailand.

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11 July

History of Thailand is a complicated story. Originally known as Siam with the term generally referring to people who lived in southwestern China before…

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29 June

Pattaya first big break came on 29th June 1959 when a reported five US Military transport trucks with GIs arrived in the city from their base.

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11 April

Songkran Pattaya 2017, have you ever experienced Songkran in Pattaya Before? It must be the BIGGEST Water Fight in the World! Check out last year’s Videos

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07 April

The most amazing Songkran ceremony is ‘The Bridge of Hope’ held in Sangkhlaburi. Wanna know what it is like? Start on a journey and find out by yourself!

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