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Category: World

21 October

Japan has its eyes on Thai visitors after discovering seven Thai women allegedly muling a kilogram of crystal meth, aka yaa ice, “in their underwear.” Fukuoka Airport officials said the suspects, all between 20 and 50, were searched because they were acting suspiciously, according to Thailand’s narcotics board. They raise to a face-palm-worthy 37 Thais […]

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10 October

Were they pretending to be a set of action figures? Making social commentary on all those tables piled with “evidence” shown to the media? Nope. Six Thai cops this week with time on their hands joined the #TetrisChallenge that’s currently compelling people to do strange things around the globe. A photo of six cops on their backs […]

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09 October

Thailand ranked second globally in terms of transactions using Alipay during “Golden Week” this year, reflecting the popularity of the mobile payment provider among Chinese tourists here. Alipay, the world’s largest mobile payment and lifestyle platform, operated by Ant Financial Services Group, announced on Wednesday a summary of overseas transactions by mainland Chinese during “Golden […]

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07 October

A British man deported from Thailand in May of this year, has been sentenced to four years and three months for drugs offences in the UK Reece Vella from Worcester, England, was being held in Thailand since January 2018 for his part in the death of a Thai woman who fell from his condo balcony. […]

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21 March

Embattled British PM Theresa May is working against the clock to get her Brexit deal through Parliament after the recent defeats. The British lawmakers last week voted to reject the option of leaving the European Union’s without a deal, raising questions over the conditions for the UK’s leaving the EU bloc. The deadline for their […]

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