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Category: Visa

23 March

UK Tourist Visa for Girlfriend. No interview process when applying so you need to make sure all the information you provide is crystal clear & is flawless.

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21 March

With the influx of so many retirees in Pattaya the need for Making a Will in Thailand has certainly increased over the past few years. Have you got yours?

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18 January

From March / April 2016 a black listing is set to be put in place for over stays on your visa, as was announced by the immigration bureau chief. Read more..

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02 December

If you want to retire to Thailand you’ll need a Thai retirement Visa. Read this article for FAQ’s on Thai Retirement Visas and the 90 Day reporting process.

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02 December

Are you applying for your first Thai Retirement Visa? Read this helpful article for tips on how to ‘Get and Keep’ your Retirement Visa for Thailand.

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15 June

Babies born in Thailand with a father from UK and mother from Thailand are considered dual nationalities & entitled to a British passport. Read how to apply

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08 June

Preparing for a Trip Out of Thailand to Australia – What should be done within 3 months of departure?

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16 May

For successful application for a UK Tourist visa for a Thai National you need to make sure your presentation, documentation & overall impression is perfect

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08 May

Want to apply for an Australian Civil Partnership Visa? Well, this article should help. Our friends at Key Visa provide a great service to help succeed.

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04 May

What documents do I need for a Retirement Visa? If your living in Thailand and wondering what it takes to get a retirement visa this article should help…

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