In 2014 4.6 million Chinese visited Thailand and a large % naturally came to Pattaya.

Now with Air Asia commencing two direct flights to Utapao from China in September we can expect one million more to arrive in 2016. What a great boost this will be for the economy.

I walk along Beach Road every morning at 8am and it is quite a chore fighting through the mass of tourists who have been deposited by hundreds of buses. They really clog the footpath waiting to board the speedboats to Koh Larn and the para-sailing.

Chinese tourists invade Pattaya

P​ara-sailing is very popular

Chinese tourists invade Pattaya

Naturally there is some controversy about who receives​​ the revenue as most of the money is paid on packaged tours in China when they book their trip.

Pattaya​ ​​has been​ ​​suffering from a downturn in tourism, here are comments made in a recent article in June 2015 in the Bangkok Post;

“Pattaya hotels are struggling to survive and are being pressured by Chinese travel agents to reduce their room rates by 30-40%. Hoteliers in the resort city have been relying mainly on Chinese tourists after the sharp fall in European tourists, particularly Russians, due to the economic recession in their countries. Locally run Pattaya hotels have faced an oversupply since last year and the situation… “

An example of one of the speedboats with three 225 HP Yamaha motors, a slight case of overkill.

Busy beach vendors​ are happy with the influx.

Lots of protection available for that pale sensitive​ Chinese complexion.
Here is a short video highlighting the para-sailors.

To check out Pattaya beach just take a look at my webcam.

Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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