If either on holiday or a long term stayer in Thailand please make sure you are a holder of an  International Driving Permit.

This must be obtained from your  country of residence and be in your possession at all times when driving a motor vehicle within the kingdom.

But be aware the International Driving Permit IS NOT A LICENCE as such, and only allows you to drive on the roads legally if you hold a current driving licence that has been issued to you in your own country.

Make sure you have the correct legal documents when driving in smile land!

It is essential both legal documents are with you all times when driving a car or motorbike in Thailand unless you have a Thai driving licence, because  if pulled up by the police and do not have them,  a fine will be issued in failure to provide legal documentation requirements to adhere to the Thai law. And the likely hood of being pulled over this time of year is even more so as it is peak season and police are everywhere in there hundreds!

Also if an accident should occur that you was involved in ( Buddha forbid) and had  no International Driving Permit or an  up to date driving licence then YOU could be made solely responsible for the accident due to being the illegal driver and any insurance cover you may of had  might not be of any use.

The International Driving Permit is a translation for a licence supplied from countries who included in signing the Vienna convention on road traffic In 1968 to replace the previous convention on road traffic established in 1949.


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  1. Martin

    But make sure that international permit , in the book is stamped for motorcycle too ( A )
    When I got mine , it was only for cars , my mistake I forgot to tick the box on the application to include …. I had to get a new one issued .. ( if you are intending to drive a motorcycle too that is )

  2. Norton 600

    I do not have any type of driving leicence . does this mean I breaking a Thia law by just being on holiday in Pattaya ?

    1. Charan

      if you drive in your home country without a drivers license does that mean you’re breaking your home countries law?