Coyote Bars in Pattaya

Thai girls love to dance which is great news for the Coyote Bars in Pattaya!

How many hot blooded males have been to coyote bars in Pattaya and struggled to take their eyes off the beauties that are dancing before them? The answer – the vast majority!

Thai girls are beautiful and they looking simply stunning when they are dressed up in their dancing gear dancing away on the stage. The outfits range from bikinis to hot pants, lingerie to sexy costumes – you can be sure that your particular fantasy will be accommodated somewhere along the line!

Agogo Bar vs Coyote Bars in Pattaya

For those of you who don’t know, coyote bars in Pattaya are slightly different from Agogo bars in the respect that they are often more strict when it comes to the hands on approach. The girls often perform routines and generally wear more clothes than those in an agogo bar – although only just!

Coyote Bars in Pattaya are similar to agogo bars in the respect that the girls will dance for a few songs and then take a break often taking the opportunity to mix with customers.

What to look out for

Wherever you are you won’t be far away from a coyote bar in Pattaya. They can usually be spotted a mile off with load music playing and girls dancing either on the bar or on a stage. Most of the girls are usually aged around 30 although naturally there are plenty who are older and plenty who are younger. They often come in all shapes in sizes although the more popular bars do tend to attract younger, slimmer and generally prettier girls.

Coyote bars in Pattaya will usually have girls who are primarily dancers, girls who are there to talk to customers and those girls whose job it is to serve drinks. Most of the girls will be more than happy to sit and talk to you if you buy them a drink (charged a “lady drink” prices) and many will be happy to be your companion for the evening or perhaps longer.

At we love checking out the coyote bars in Pattaya and in fact it is actually one of our favourite pastimes!

We like to keep this page as up to date as possible so bookmark us and come back to see what’s happening around the various bars in Pattaya. We are more than happy to report back where the best girls are currently working so you can enjoy their beauty as well!



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