Darren Low – Manager of The Sportsman Pub In Pattaya an Interview

The collage of people that make up the Pattaya expat scene is a blend of people of different colors, backgrounds and home countries.  The Neverland Post is hitting the streets and businesses to talk with the people who make up the greatest city on earth.

Today’s interview takes us to The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant on Beach Road Soi 13 in Pattaya.  While Darren is not the owner of the pub, the fact is that since arriving on the scene a short time ago, he has been able to do some amazing things to grow and expand business for The Sportsman.

The Neverland Post had a chance to sit down with Darren for a quick interview about Pattaya and life in general:

NLP:  Out of all the places in the world that you could have settled, why Pattaya?

DL:  My late father was an expat who came to Pattaya and never left.  I came here to sort out all of his affairs.

NLP:  How old were you when you made your first trip to Thailand?

DL:  My first trip to Thailand was when I was 41 years old.

Darren Low – Manager of The Sportsman Pub In Pattaya an Interview

NLP:  How many years have you been in Thailand now?

DL:  Two years.

NLP:  Do you have a your own business or are you only employed?

DL:  I manage The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant and have some other small business interests on the side.

NLP:  What makes customers choose you over your competitors?

DL:  The Sportsman was established in 1997.  People choose us over our competitors because we have been in place for 19 years and the food is always consistent.

NLP:  How has Thailand changed since your first trip?

DL:  Thailand has seen it’s drop in Eastern European tourists in the 2 years that I have been here.

NLP:  What would you say to the people believing the media hype that Thailand is a dangerous tourist destination right now?

DL:  Thailand is no more or no less dangerous than your home country.

NLP:  What three pieces of advice would you give to young entrepreneurs that have their sights set on Thailand?

DL:  Write a business plan, bring three times the amount of money you planned for and be prepared to diversify!

NLP:  How hard is it to find a job that will pay enough to stay in Thailand?

DL:  Very hard if you like your “farang” (foreigner) style life.

NLP:  What would you say has been your most satisfying moment since arriving in Thailand?

DL:  Finding employment at The Sportsman was the most satisfying thing to date.

NLP:  What are your hobbies?  What do you do in your off time?

DL:  I spend most of my off time cooking, there is not a lot of “off time” when you run a business here.

NLP:  Who has been your greatest inspiration?  Why?

DL:  Believe it or not, when it came to coming to Thailand, Jim Carey had the final say so in the decision.

NLP:  How important is it to learn Thai?

DL:  It is extremely useful.

NLP:  What motivates you?

DL:  Money.  Money and a better quality of life.

NLP:  Do you read books?  If so, what Genre?

DL:  I do.  Historical fiction and any books that are factual.

NLP:  Do you support any charities?

DL:  I support the Father Ray Foundation and the Baan Chang Angels for Soi Dogs.

NLP:  Do you still participate in the party?

DL:  Absolutely, but only until midnight.

The Customer Is Always Right…Wrong.

NLP:  What is your biggest “Pet Peeve?”

DL:  Customers that order without even glancing at the menu, it makes an easy route for errors , and tourists who come to Thailand and think that every Thai woman they see is a prostitute.

NLP:  What is the most memorable place or establishment in Thailand for you so far?  Why?

DL:  The most memorable place for me is Barracuda Bar in Naklua.  It is where I have learned the most from the large community of Expats that live here.

NLP:  If you had to start over, would you do it any differently?

DL:  The only thing I would have done differently would be to waste less time chasing jobs that a Thai person could do, and to spend more time learning Thai.

About The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant…

The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant on Beach Road Soi 13 in Pattaya offers patrons a way to step off of the chaotic streets of Pattaya, right into a Pub back in England.

There is an extensive food and drink menu for you to choose from.  All of the offerings from The Sportsman are also available for delivery to your home via Door 2 Door.  They also offer a traditional Sunday Carvery every week that is typically the talk of the town, and you are guaranteed to never leave unsatisfied because it is all you can eat.

The Sportsman Pub is Managed by Darren Low who can often be seen bounding from table to table or taking a 2 minute breather to check up on Facebook messages during the service lulls of the day.

Darren Low – Manager of The Sportsman Pub In Pattaya an Interview

Feeling hungry and in the area, stop on by and have a bite or maybe a few drinks to escape the awesomeness of Thailand.

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