David Simpson – “About Us” at Love Pattaya Thailand

David SimpsonLove Pattaya Thailand is the brainchild of entrepreneur David Simpson, created together with the help of his brother and friends from the UK. Mr. Simpson had already been living in Thailand full time for many years after deciding with some close friends to make a permanent move after several years of frequent holidays.

As a successful trader David Simpson had the good fortune to be able to earn his living anywhere that had a stable internet connection. The flexibility he benefited from with his line of work meant that he had lots of time and sufficient money to really enjoy Pattaya and get to know the city well.

David Simpson also made the effort to learn to speak, read and write Thai which helped give him a better understanding of the place.

David and his friends always complained that there wasn’t a good comprehensive information site on Pattaya. Even after years of living in the city they were still finding new places that they wished they had known about before.

After unexpectedly becoming a father, David Simpson felt that the lifestyle he enjoyed whilst trading for a living didn’t really provide an appropriate environment for him to be a responsible parent and so it was this that triggered him to put into action an idea that had been in his head for some time. 

Love Pattaya Thailand was set out to be a comprehensive information website detailing everything anyone needed to know about Pattaya. Sounds simple hey? Well not really, not the way he wanted it anyway. 

The intention was to offer full info on all the local businesses, displayed in a high standard, basically making micro sites for every individual business in Pattaya complete with original content write ups, professionally taken photos, videos etc. In order to achieve this at the same time as incorporating a feasible business model the team needed to ‘think outside the box’. Their solution was to set up a ‘social media farm’ enabling them to build a very large audience of which was then a valuable asset to be able to offer the local businesses as a marketing outlet in return for a fee which covered the expenses incurred.

The idea paid off with the website gaining momentum and also allowed the spin-off of a property section “Love Pattaya Property” which of course further enhanced the revenue, whilst the costs were kept low.

David Simpson and the team added in some ‘gorilla marketing’ most famously the ‘selfie girls strategy’ where local girls took selfies in Love Pattaya Thailand branded shirts and shared them far and wide!

Another successful concept was the ‘Miss Love Pattaya pool parties’ thoroughly enjoyed by all. Things did get tougher though with regards to the changes in tourism demographics and exchange rates affecting the property market, however fast-forwarding to 2018:

Love Pattaya Thailand proudly boasts the following:

• The busiest info website in Pattaya
• Over 1,000 individual business listings ( View All Listings )
• Thousands of other pages with local info 
• A daily news service with all the local stories 
• The biggest local magazine 
• Over 4,000 signs around town 
• Pattaya’s largest Facebook groups 
• Pattaya’s largest Facebook pages 
• YouTube channel with hundreds of videos and a huge audience following. 
• One of the largest real estate agencies in Pattaya 

In total Love Pattaya Thailand now reaches over 60 million people every month across the total network. Love Pattaya Thailand provides the entire online presence for over 800 local businesses. 

The group have achieved property sales of over 3 billion baht with Love Pattaya Property

Love Pattaya Thailand is constantly looking to grow and upgrade their services and are currently in the process of developing an App.

Love Pattaya Thailand offer bespoke marketing packages at unbeatable value. If you’re looking to grow your business, all you need is Love Pattaya Thailand.