Education Visa Thailand

As of the end of August 2014, the good people at Thai Immigration have settled on a new set of rules in regards to Education Visa Thailand.

Believing that education visas were being abused by people who use them to stay in Thailand on a long-term basis and work illegally. This loophole has been used and abused for years and finally Thai Immigration have done something about it.

If you are looking to study in Thailand, you must now renew your visa annually. But it gets trickier, you have to obtain the appropriate documentation from your school/college, then travel to a Thai consulate abroad such as Laos or Malaysia. You will use these documents to obtain a 90 day Non Immigrant ED visa which must be extended every 90 days thereafter. It is important to note that these extensions are at the discretion of the Immigration Officer and if they feel you are not using the visa for its intended purpose they have the right to cancel it.

All these new rules have been brought in to make the whole system more manageable for the Thai authorities. It also helps them to keep track of people and most importantly, stops people from abusing the system by working illegally.

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