Employment in Thailand

Job hunting in Thailand is a tricky business but Love Pattaya Thailand are here to guide you through the do’s and don’ts for obtaining that dream job working abroad!

First off it is worth pointing out that if you don’t have adequate qualifications, a work permit or you don’t work in an ‘in demand’ profession you are going to struggle to find work. If a Thai can do the job a Thai will get the job. If you don’t have a work permit you would be working ILLEGALLY.

If you have any of the aforementioned requirements there are plenty of jobs in and around Pattaya, especially in the engineering and property sectors.

If you are looking for work in Pattaya these are the best places to find listings:

• Thai newspapers (Bangkok Post, Pattaya Mail, Pattaya One)

• Government Employment Department of Thailand

• Educational organisations (TEFL, TES etc.)

• Recruitment agencies (Office Angels, Monster Thailand, Adecco)

These channels with have a wealth of jobs for professionals and skilled workers.

What if you aren’t a skilled worker or an expert in your field?

Computer Work
If you are adept with computers, you could set up a website from home. Even if you aren’t particularly skilled when it comes to computers there are tonnes of online programs where you can build a site. You generate a revenue stream through selling advertising space on your site. Once set up you will have a site creating a steady stream of cash that is simple to maintain. It is important to remember that you must alert immigration and The Employment Department of Thailand that you are operating a website.

Teaching Jobs
Alternatively you could earn a TEFL qualification and take advantage to the numerous teaching opportunities available in Pattaya. Like many countries which do not have English as their native language there is an increasing demand for English Teaching jobs in Thailand. TEFL stands for ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’ and as it sounds, once you gain the qualification you will be able to teach at one of the many language schools in the city, apply for a teaching assistant job or you could even teach TEFL courses yourself. You may also consider completing the course back home in your own country first. Courses are available in many countries such as Australia, Europe, UK and USA.

Let’s say you have all the adequate qualifications and skills and the position is yours the next step is sorting out a visa and work permit. If you get a job with a big company or school the visas and permits will be taken care of for you. If you don’t have that luxury this is what to do.

Work Permits and Business Visa’s
If you decide to take a job while you’re in Thailand, then you need to think about getting your passport sorted out. Firstly you will have to leave Thailand to get your NON Immigrant “B” visa. To work legally as a teacher in Thailand you will need a non-immigrant visa category “B”, a work permit and a teacher’s licence. You get the visa from a Thai Consulate outside Thailand (Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar) and the work permit from the Labour Department in Thailand (located in the Din Deang District of Bangkok).

Always keep a copy of all the documents associated with your legal status in Thailand. If you are ever stopped by police or questioned by immigration officials it doesn’t hurt if you have them. Or you may want to leave your current employer and find another job in the kingdom. You will need to reference your original documents.

If you really want to have a job in Thailand, you’ve got to start somewhere. Taking the personal approach and visit your potential employer, this will give you a better chance if securing a job in Pattaya.

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