Pattaya has recently seen a surge of cranes filling the skies working on new condo projects, hotels and many other establishments.  It is safe to say that in the very near future, Pattaya’s skyline will be completely different than it is right now.

The economy is on a rise, and officials believe the rise will continue for some time.  That being said, there is no better time to get in on the action for foreign investors.  Here are five reasons Pattaya, Thailand should be on your list of possible locations to invest and ultimately retire:

Guaranteed Returns – Many new condo projects are guaranteeing top returns on investments at the time being.  You could easily see returns on their investments of 10% and up.  The average bank returns around the world are more around 0.06% if you are the type to leave your money sitting in the savings account.  So why not let your money work for you?

Affordable Properties – Properties in Pattaya can often be obtained for nearly half of what you would pay in the western world. Properties are being grabbed up at record rates to be rented out to the thousands of tourists that flock to the city each day or the Expats who have figured out how to sustainably stay in Thailand.

Proven Track Record – For the last 40 to 50 years, Pattaya has been a major tourist hub in Southeast Asia. For the same amount of time, new buildings and structures have been going up.  Many big companies, such as Britain’s Tesco Lotus have flourished here and have recently released plans to invest even more of the company into Thailand.

Investment Security – When it comes to your money, clearly you want to stay away from investments that are too risky or dangerous for fears that you will lose what you have already worked so hard to gain. The track record of the city coupled with excellent services on offer to investors simply will not allow you to lose.  It is hard to get much safer than a guaranteed return!

Pattaya is Flourishing – Pattaya is one of the most popular tourist, nightlife and all-around culture hubs of Thailand. The mixture of people from locals to live-in Expats and tourists make it a constantly bustling center of activity.  Thailand is a kingdom with a very long rich history.  Many people travel from around the world to visit the sacred sites and ancient temples as well as to enjoy the beaches and freedom that the city and country have to offer.

If you are considering investing and you aren’t really looking for the same things that your home country have to offer, why not consider a buy to rent home in Pattaya?  Get something that you can enjoy when you are here and collect on while you are at home.

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