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erawadeeeI have tried various diets over the years, I have joined several gyms, but didn’t find the time go. I lost a few kilos here and there, but invariably, the weight came back on. So one New Year I treated myself to an exercise bike and set it up in the spare room. I thought it would be easier to exercise at home as it eliminated journey time, but alas, a lack of motivation was key to the bike gathering dust. It now gets used as an airer when drying clothes indoors!

So, it’s my big 50th birthday coming up in two months and I can really do without my friends I haven’t seen for years saying, “You’ve put on a bit of weight since I last saw you, but haven’t we all, eh?”

A good friend of mine recommended I take a look at Erawadee’s products as they have herbal remedies and medicines meeting a whole range of needs. So sure enough, I visited their website and found they had a local pharmacy based in North Pattaya, not too far from me, so I went down to purchase my chosen healing set, No.5 Weight Loss & Management plus Free Massage Oil Gift!


The website explained that the combination of the herbal complex creates the correct conditions to reduce body weight. The No.47 Garcinia Cambogia capsules supress the appetite, helping you to feel full and it also prevents the formation of unwanted fats and cholesterol and improves digestion. These are taken with water 2 capsules, 3 times a day. The second capsule, No.29 Prik Thai Dam, are also taken 2 capsules at a time, 3 times daily together with the Garcinia Cambogia capsules, during or after meals and are largely made from a mixture of peppers and accelerate the metabolism, assisting the body to burn subcutaneous fat. The third capsule is No.17 Bua Bok and 3 capsules are taken in the evening an hour after your evening meal, or 2 hours before bedtime. Bua Bok is a natural tranquilizer, hence why it’s taken at night. It helps with bursts of late night hunger, which often results in visiting 7/11 for a ham cheese toasty plus other snacks, and of course a nice chocolate coated Magnum!

There are enough capsules in the set for 4 weeks and I have lost just under 4 kilos. After nearly 4 weeks my belt is on the next hole, my midnight fridge raids have stopped and the girls at 7/11 now think I’m working nights again. Things are looking up, my girlfriend even offered to try out the free massage oil on me! I don’t believe in miracle cures, but I am impressed enough to be heading back to the Erawadee pharmacy to purchase another 2 sets, plus I have run out of the oil. I want to look good for my 50th, and so can you for yours!

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