Expat communities in Thailand

There are many different reasons why people may choose to retire overseas but one thing that people are always concerned about is how easily they will be able to make new friends. After all, you may have live in one country, maybe even one city all your life so to retire overseas may be both an exciting and nerve racking thought.

In most of the major cities where expats tend to choose to live there are a plenty of expat groups – both formal and informal. Expat clubs have been formed in these locations that meet in some cases weekly and in some cases monthly. These are a great way to meet new people when you first come to a country and they are also a very useful source of information. You can find out more details about these clubs by doing a simple search online.

Expat communities in Thailand

The old saying that “birds of a feather, flock together” is as true in Thailand as it is anywhere in the world. There is a large expat community in Thailand so you will not have too many issues meeting new people who have similar interest to yourself. Long term, this is the route that most people tend to follow as they fall into their own friendship groups often connected to their interests such as golf, cycling or bridge.

The expat community tends to be quite strong and they are always quick to help those in need. Living abroad is obviously a completely different experience and it does take some people longer to adjust than others. Language barriers are natural but you will soon find people who can help you overcome any issues and get you moving on the right track.

Expat communities in Thailand

Most restaurants and supermarkets in the popular expat cities are well setup to cater to foreigners. Our tastes are catered for, the products that we enjoy from ‘home’ are easy to come by and our medication can be collected from major pharmacists. We may move away to experience something new but it is always nice to know that those creature comforts that we all miss are never too far away.

If you are looking to retire in Thailand, you will have no problem settling down and the expat communities certainly play a role in this. You won’t be here too long before you are starting to feel like you have lived here forever and Thailand is your ‘home’.

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