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Pattaya is world famous for its nightlife scene boasting arguably some of the best places to party in the world with streets like Soi 6, LK Metro and of course walking street. Pattaya however is not just for those that want to party there is also an abundance of great family friendly activates to do in and around the city. The Following are just a few of the amazing places that you can take the whole family to.

1. Pattaya and Jomtien beaches

It seems obvious I know but the beaches around the city are a perfect place to relax with white sand and blue water. There are plenty of activities for the kids to do such as riding jet skis, parasailing and banana boats as well as loads of deck chairs with umbrellas for those that want to get out of the sun for a while where vendors supply food and drink. Pattaya beach stretches 4 kilometres in length and Jomtien beach is 6 kilometres long and tends to be a bit more chilled out for those looking for a quieter day at the beach.

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2. Koh Larn

The island of Koh Larn is a picturesque little island 7 kilometres off of the coast of Pattaya and can be easily reached by speedboat or the ferry that runs from Pattaya pier throughout the day. The island has 6 main beaches as well as several smaller beaches and is the perfect place to take the family for relaxing day out. All the beaches have modern facilities such as bathrooms and showers and there are many restaurants that mostly specialise in fresh seafood and Thai cuisine.

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3. The sanctuary of Truth

If your family is interested in Art, Architecture or Thai culture this is a must visit place. The intricate wooden temple contains ornate carvings and statues as well as a special building that doesn’t contain a single nail. There are plenty of animals to feed and the whole family can enjoy an elephant ride or watch a traditional dance show.\

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4. The Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm.

The 70 acre park is just a 15 minute drive from Pattaya and well worth the trip. The park is home to a vast array of animals including bears, giraffes, elephants, tigers and of course crocodiles which you can feed whole chickens to or watch their main attraction the crocodile show. You and the family will be left in awe at the breath-taking feats that the performers undertake with the giant crocs. Those feeling particularly brave can have their photo taken sitting on a crocodile or with one of their many tigers.

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5. Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park


This water park is another great day out for the family where parents can soak up the sun by the poolside while the kids play in one of the many unique pools or slides. Boasting a Mega Wave pool that can generate 3 foot waves and a total of 9 slides across two different zones kids will be kept amused for hours, one slide even has a 12 meter vertical drop for those that are feeling daring.
These are just a handful of the many different family friendly activities that can be found in and around Pattaya.

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Something to think about when planning your next holiday or if you’re considering moving to Thailand.

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  1. Patrick Laronde

    Anyone who brings their children to the beach in Pattaya has rocks in their head. The water is so dirty it’s a crap shoot as to what type of infection they will get. Ten years ago on the same holiday I got an eye infection and a saliva gland infection. The doctor told me both times not to swim in the bay as the water is filthy. Why would I want to expose my children to that?

  2. Nigel moore

    You obviously have not been anywhere in or around Pattaya where there’s beautiful clear water beaches at bangsaray, ban amphur, ko larn and many other beaches the attractions are second to non, I met a bloke on the beach in jomtien back in 2006 he was a pilot for Singapore airlines he said have you been here before I said no but have lived in 22 country’s he said I will gaurantee you will come here every year from now on, and yes I have never been anywhere else as Pattaya has everything, great food and cheap fuel best thing I ever done was got my condo there to enjoy for future years