Food in Thailand

When people are considering retiring in a new country one of the first things that many people worry about is the food. For those of us who are from Western Europe or the US, maybe this isn’t a surprise, especially if we have been brought up with traditional, home cooked food and tended to avoid anything too adventurous or spicy.

It may be hard to argue that food in Thailand isn’t spicy especially if you eat at the local Thai restaurants. However, most restaurants are very familiar with foreigners and understand that our palate may not be quite the same as their own. ‘Mai Ped’ or ‘not spicy’ is a key phrase to learn if you are somewhat concerned about being overpowered by chilli or other local spices.

Of course, not all Thai dishes are extremely spicy and Pad Thai, fried rice and omelette are very easy to come by for those preferring something milder. Fresh fruit and vegetables are easy to find at local markets as well as the supermarkets so buying food that you are familiar with will be very easy.

Indeed, one of the great things about Thailand when it comes to food is the fact that you can pretty much get food from all four corners of the globe – certainly in the major cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. In these major cities, you will find countless restaurants catering primarily for overseas guests but don’t be too surprised to see plenty of Thais enjoy international cuisine too!

Food in Thailand

Again, when we are talking about the major cities you will find the well-known supermarkets stocking imported products. It is also becoming increasingly common to find even the smaller shops stocking products that you will be more familiar with. So, if you are having cravings for HP Sauce, New Zealand lamb or indeed any of your other favourite goodies you won’t have to search too hard to find them.

Food in Thailand is overall relatively cheap, even if your grocery basket does contain a fair number of imported products. If you are cooking for yourself nearly all condominium units will have a kitchen and the utensils that you will need so you can get your food of choice whilst at the same time saving a little bit of money.

Without doubt food in Thailand is seen by most as a bonus. Many people come here unsure of the local food but after a few weeks or even months they have become accustomed to it with many preferring to eat locally. 

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